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How can I get online Nadi Astrology ?

 Take a thumb impression and place it on a piece of white paper.

 Send photo copy through Whats app to +919963334337 or email to

 Call us, Whatsapp or Phone Call to set up a time for you to search your Nadi Leaf.

 We will schedule an appointment for the search of the nadi leaf of astrology This process can take about one hour.

 After you have traced your Nadi chart, you will need to decide to pay the appropriate chapter you require.

 Our Nadi Reader will conduct your Nadi psychic reading on astrology with the greatest dedication, and then will explain it to you via video call or phone call

 Make payment for your Nadi prediction packages and chapters after you have received your Nadi Leaf.

 Your Nadi predictions will be sent to you via voice mail in the language that suits you best.

Online Nadi Astrology Center And Vaitheeswaran Koil Genuine & Prominent Nadi Astrologer

 Online Nadi Astrology We now offer this Nadi Astrology service online for our customers' convenience.

 Many of our customers said they spent a lot of money on travel and hotels to receive Nadi Astrology via direct visit.

 Some of our customers were also misled by local brokers to false places.

 We have now started our online service.

What is Online Nadi Jothidam ?

 Online Nadi Jothidam, a system for astrology, is based upon the reading of Nadis. Nadis are believed to be the conduits through which divine energy flows. These Nadis can be used to accurately read a person’s horoscope in Online Nadi Josiyam. This system relies on the person's past and present lives, as well as their soul's journey. Online Nadi Astrology is one of the best systems of astrology. Online Nadi Jothidam can provide a precise reading of your Horoscope.


Can Nadi astrology be changed ?

 Nadi Astrology planets produce results based on their position within a Horoscope. Thus, the outcomes of planets are mostly predetermined and cannot be changed i.e. one cannot alter his destiny in the end.

How does Nadi Jothidam work ?

 An extremely ancient type of astrology which was first discovered at Southern India, Nadi Astrology is based on the old-fashioned belief that one can determine the future, present, and past of all people by reading the written text on palm leaves


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