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Online Nadi Jothidam you find the root cause of what was taking money out of your account without you necessarily being consciously aware of it any more or you might have just forgotten it 16th of february three days before three days after i love love love this full Nadi Astrology yes because it's happening in leo because leo is a sign that is trining you so you're probably going to feel Online Nadi Jothidam super positive and super optimistic around this time

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uh this full Nadi Astrology is triggering your axis of learning and traveling first of all sagittarians you might physically travel around this time you might travel abroad or short distance it doesn't matter but it seems to be very pleasant you seem to be enjoying the a lot of it um if you've been waiting for results from exams they will probably make their way to you and they will probably be very positive results

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i Online Nadi Jothidam i Online Nadi Jothidam i Online Nadi Jothidam this full Nadi Astrology because we've got um Nadi Astrologers in pisces in your fourth Online Nadi Astrology training uranus and tor my apologies sex selling uranus and taurus in your sixth Online Nadi Astrology it feels Online Nadi Jothidam you are being repaid for your efforts in the area of of studies

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most Online Nadi Jothidamly it also feels Online Nadi Jothidam a time maybe when you finalize something of a legal nature of a judicial nature and you're finalizing it successfully i i have to say it could be a time when you plan a travel Online Nadi Jothidam a journey a long distance journey you could also receive very positive news connected with visas immigration residency status you could also get Online Nadi Jothidam

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a degree or a certificate around this time how to think about what was happening in your life um especially in the area of higher education long distance travel legal matters around 8th of august 3 days before 3 days after in 2021 because that's when you had a new Nadi Astrology in this part of your chart that is now activated by the full Nadi Astrology and at the time of the full Nadi Astrology

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we reap what we sow symbolically speaking at the time of the new Nadi Astrology 18th of february the Nadi Josiyam moves into pisces in your fourth Online Nadi Astrology for the next four weeks pretty much so your attention is going to be drawn tremendously to whole matters family matters and and such you could travel throughout this period with family or to see family members 25th of february not my favorite day of the month

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because mercury in your third Online Nadi Astrology is squaring uranus and taurus in the sixth Online Nadi Astrology so it's a day of confusion and of annoying interactions i can't describe them otherwise with co-workers or with a client at work a client might have some sort of sudden unexpected request or you might have thought that you were on the same page with a co-worker on a project that you're working on together and they come up with something that takes you by surprise

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you didn't see this coming in terms of their approach in terms of their vision for this for this project you seem to disagree and maybe quite openly this is a very argumentative energy i mean mercury and aquarius is very fixed in terms of how they see things in terms of ideas uranus and taurus is radical and also very stubborn and very fixed so i do see this as the energy of a potential argument

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be aware of it also if you need to travel for work short distance if you need to commute there's probably going to be disruption on your commute or something of that of that type if you are a capricorn Nadi Josiyam or a capricorn arising my dear dear capricorns what can you expect from this month well money especially the first three weeks of uh of february seem to revolve around the topic of money

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because we have a very strong activation of your second Online Nadi Astrology again i am addressing first and foremost capricorn risings i do recommend listening to the update for your rising sign if you know your rising sign we have a new Nadi Astrology on the first of february three days before three days after and your second Online Nadi Astrology of income conjunct saturn and swearing uranus and taurus in the fifth Online Nadi Astrology you may decide around this time capricorns to um very seriously and responsibly commit yourself dedicate yourself to monetizing one of your creative talents

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