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So according to Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy, while most of the recommended Nadi Sastra Centre can be performed by yourself in a freestyle way the Online Nadi Astrology yantra Nadi Astrologer is a very specific ritual that can be done for you in your name by some trained Nadi Predictionsin one of the temples in india

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First of all what's a muncher Online Nadi Astrology is an invocation of energy through sacred sounds a Nadi Astrology Centre is the visualization of these energies in the form of a diagram that's often inscribed on a copper plate so during that poodle it's performed for you twice a day they're going to invoke very specific energies in your name for your energetic being.

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They're also going to use that copper plate that Nadi Astrology Centre to charge it with that very specific energy this Online Nadi Astrology yantra Nadi Astrologer is usually performed of over a period of days 48 days 108 days 216 days it's usually recommended in the remedies in which every day the Nadi Predictions.

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Twice a day are going to perform this Nadi Astrologer for you they're also going to charge that Nadi Astrology Centre that diagram with the energy of the Nadi Astrologer and after the completion of the let's say 108 day Nadi Astrologer we're going to send you that Nadi Astrology Centre that diagram that's charged with that energy.

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How many types of effects are the in Nadi Astrology ?

So there are two different types of effects one says the effect that takes place every day while this Nadi Astrologer is performed for you over the course of 108 days and then you will also when you receive the Nadi Astrology Centre.

What will happen if we place things received from Nadi Astrologers ?

When you place it in your home you basically take that energy and place it into your home so that there's an ongoing effect radiating from that Nadi Astrology Centre into your living field.

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