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No.1 Nadi Astrology need to always be going 100 miles per hour because a lot of times you can crash that way you know just take it easy coast take things one step at a time okay you'll be a lot less stressed and then your message from the universe is card number 18 so maybe the number 18 or the number nine could be a significant number for you guys and it says step away from the crowd step away from the crowd

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so you may Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology you're going against your you Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology the black sheep and the weird one the weirdo but um do you Famous Nadi Astrology want to be following the crowd because you are going to get the same results as everyone else if you do the same thing that everyone else does so No.1 Nadi Astrology Sivanadi Astrology weird No.1 Nadi Astrology Sivanadi Astrology awkward if you want to go the d on a different direction

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do it work for you you know what everyone else is doing may not be what you want to do and you got to be okay with that you got to have your own mentality your own strength your own willpower and believe in yourself but at this time you are being asked to step away and do your own thing No.1 Nadi Astrology follow what everyone else is doing especially

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if it does not resonate with you if you Sivanadi Astrology it in your heart and soul Nadi Astrology that's the right path go for it but if you know you're Nadi Astrology nah Nadi Astrology i No.1 Nadi Astrology want to do that i No.1 Nadi Astrology want to go where everyone else is going No.1 Nadi Astrology do it follow your gut instinct you're you're being guided

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you're being helped but No.1 Nadi Astrology follow the crowd just because you Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology that's the trend or that's what you're supposed to do or that's what society expects of you no No.1 Nadi Astrology do that have your own mind have your own intellect and do what your soul your heart is guiding you to do okay even if you're riding solo

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sometimes it's better to ride solo than to be following the flock the hurt the all the idiots okay not saying that the crowd is idiots but um just do your own thing who cares if you're riding alone if no one's with you it's the right path for you okay and as your animal spirit you guys got the fish symbolizing happiness changes and fertility and the fish is here to remind you to not

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Sivanadi Astrology guilty about any decisions you have made the change is for the better nice so i Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology you may Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology you're you stepped away from the crowd maybe you're doing something different and sometimes you could second-guess it or be Nadi Astrology man did i do the right thing am i being selfish or this is i No.1 Nadi Astrology know No.1 Nadi Astrology second-guess it trust in yourself trust that you made the right decision

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the change is for the better okay so No.1 Nadi Astrology Sivanadi Astrology guilty about anything anything that you did or any decision you made because if it's for your best self-interest and you believe in it no one can fight you on it okay all right and as your crystal you guys got moonstone and it's associated with the sacral and crown chakra great for wisdom passion change

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Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology uh Nadi Astrology claustrophobic or you need some air blow off some steam go have some fun or just go on a drive or go somewhere and just let it out of your system but No.1 Nadi Astrology keep it in okay maybe you just need to Nadi Astrology scream in a pillow or something i No.1 Nadi Astrology know but blow off some steam whatever that means for you however it is that you can process and let go of things do you do what works for you okay as long as you're not hurting anyone

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No.1 Nadi Astrology Nadi Astrology anyone around me well that can change you can change that as soon as you change yourself you can change everything around you because think of how hard it is to even change yourself you can't change people you're never going to be able to change people but you can try to change yourself and when you change internally the people places things around you change as well okay so um if there isn't good people around you focus on you first and eventually the surroundings you're gonna attract better people around

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