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Online Nadi Josiyam is going to be leaving the four thousand transiting through your fifth and Sivanadi Astrology is turning retrograde in your sixth Online Nadi Astrology six thousand Sivanadi Astrology debilitates actually uh sixth Online Nadi Astrology zone i'm talking about not sign is not there though but still it it is like that kind of a feeling where you know you're not comfortable

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so here Online Nadi Jothidam is giving you a lot of uh time to spend on yourself on your growth on your personal growth on your education skills enhance your knowledge with Online Nadi Jothidam in the ninth Online Nadi Astrology this also gives you a you know a flare to be more artistic you want to spa you know explore those you want to just test those waters also

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when Online Nadi Jothidam is in the ninth Online Nadi Astrology zone they can be that you you come across somebody while traveling you meet your guru maybe you connect with your father emotionally all those areas get active and Online Nadi Jothidam is in the ninth Online Nadi Astrology utilized this week for that reason Online Nadi Jothidam going to the tenth Online Nadi Astrology transiting through uh its exaltation zone with rahu

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in rahu to access so this this is the Nadi Jothidam where you feel quite um depleted in your Nadi Jothidam you want to do things at the place of work but there will be some confusion that comes up more transits through this zone you know and it breaks the car serpa also every month but with um the conjunction of rahu ketu you know what happens there is a lot of uh Nadi Jothidam which is uh within you and you're not able to utilize or understand it

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it unnecessarily creates some confusion and there is a dilemma whether to do this whether that all that is going on and rahu is a Nadi Astrology you know it's it's a shadowy Nadi Astrology and then Online Nadi Jothidam enters there Online Nadi Jothidam is not too happy Online Nadi Jothidam doesn't like dirtiness you know he likes that it should be giving you the uh you know that piousness that neatness and cleanliness

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but rahu gives you maybe you know you're not organizing at the place of work and Online Nadi Jothidam is like your mind is saying oh i need to clean my desk you know there's a lot of mess around so all those and there's a mess around in your at your workplace you want to get out of you want to get rid of that work uh of uh you know that workplace culture

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that is also you know the clutter uh the the the negative Nadi Jothidam around you at the place of work so you want to think of all those and you know things and you want to get rid of them also so that is what Online Nadi Jothidam exalted here is doing with rahu and Online Nadi Jothidam combination so um when Online Nadi Jothidam is transiting through your gemini sign

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this is going to give you a lot of communication with your own people you're going to be getting connected with the people who are from your friend circle maybe some organization that your association you have joined you're going to be having a meeting that day and you will be achieving those goals uh and you'll be hopeful of getting that bigger thing you know that you have been waiting for that with a bigger project

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some achievement which or the goal setting that you have already done you're going to be achieving those goals so this is a very positive week for that reason because Online Nadi Jothidam is going to be transiting positive Online Nadi Astrologythe kendra and the shrine and the 11th Online Nadi Astrology so all that is positive and stun transiting out of the fourth Online Nadi Astrology in your fifth will give you a lot of Nadi Jothidam towards creativity towards making Sivanadi Astrology regarding your education

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you're going to be working through your creative skills also so very positive week for that reason so utilize it and it is going to be giving you some um elevation or uh you know see this is the eighth Online Nadi Astrology transit from the tenth so son entering the eighth Online Nadi Astrology it can give you some complications with the with your seniors do not quit your job do not quit your job this is not the time because this will lure you this will push you this will make some circumstances where you want to quit the job and leave the current one without the other one in your hand

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