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One of the important luminaries Nadi Astrology will help you with his divine blessings to get you out from all sort of issue and problems by the way of astrology the bhagavad-gita says know yourself a statement that is as profound as it is simple spiritual gurus and mystics over the years have repeatedly emphasized this need to know oneself it is from the knowledge of who you are

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And why you are that emanates every man's purpose in life and thus begins man's search for himself who am i a quest for identity for one who is embarked on such a journey a remote village in south india will hold astounding revelations practiced here over the centuries is a little-known astrological science the nadi sastra knowing fully well that this is only the tip of an iceberg

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We explored people from all corners of the world can find in here a record of their past present and future foreign malaysia all the message given by the people here is perfectly correct and i was happy to hear that vaity's swatten coil a tiny hamlet in south india is synonymous for mystical healing the name is derived from vid meaning doctor

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Iswaran meaning the almighty and coil meaning a place of his living legend has it that lord shiva along with his wife goddess parvati discussed the life of mankind which was briefed to the sapta rishis or the seven sages who considered these nuances as the design of man's life and scripted them on palm leaves

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It is amazing to find bundles of such palm leaf writings bound by thread and preserved for centuries the hoary predictive art called the nadi sastra is said to hold the key to future for generations these nadi readers are involved in conveying genuine guidance to man's life both physical and mental yummy foreign my mother is like my father it's been 10 years we we don't know his whereabouts

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And he used to work in uh outside india and we inquired from the company where he used to work but he was claimed foreign he's going to come back that was a glimpse into the world of nadi sastra and access to this mystical science is through a simple thumb impression a thumb impression is taken thrice successively on a paper this impression foreign unwinding of the thread binding these palm leaf manuscripts

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For a moment felt like life is once again put to evolve when each leaf of the manuscript was flipped a breeze of air seemed to whiff away the dust on the path of a man's life foreign it is certainly thought provoking to visualize the moments that saw these manuscripts being written by the saptarishis these sages and seers in their stone observatories did not devote thousands of years to the perfection of astrology

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Merely out of curiosity concerning their mundane affairs to all these wise men the mysteries of the heavens were a revelation of divine principles and divine will the handwriting of stars on the wall of heaven was to them in the very language of the gods lord parmeswara another name for lord shiva is believed to have rested under this very neem tree when he shared his thoughts with his wife parvati

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And their two sons their discussion were considered divine gospels about the hidden truths of the universe the creation of man and the significance of the five basic elements of nature space earth wind water and fire hey the great sages imbibed and understood these divine gospels and left behind for us their knowledge and wisdom later the 16th century understood the values of these manuscripts

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The british departure from india saw priceless manuscripts pertaining to science ayurveda and astronomy go with them leaving behind the astrological scripts which they auctioned off the then maratha king of tanjore rajya sarfoji bought them an auction and generously distributed among a community of astrologers known as volivars located in veith swat on coil who made nadi reading a hereditary profession

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