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Online Naadi Astrology in astrology most of the time we try to find out kind of happening or some event when will Astrologers get married when will Astrologers get your when can Astrologers expect I'll work it's a try some of the most common questions in astrology.

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I'll tell you how to get answers of such questions to answer that question we need to learn - ah or planetary cycle there are various the child mentioned in Indian astrology and today Astrologers talk about the most important data among all which is for REME show three that we show three data is based on natural in a birth chart.

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The shop starts with moon natural or planet for example if someone has morning Ashwini his first data will be off cable why because Lord of Ashwini nakshatras k2 which is fixed similarly if moon is in burning at the time of birth first data will be of Venus you know about natural earth from the last episode titled natural.

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So Astrologers am NOT going to elaborate hit further such a sequence is fixed and it is same as the sequence of natural earth that is key to Venus Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn and Mercury total the cha period is of 120 years which is again fixed duration of East Asia is also fixed that is key to the child of seven years venus is of twenty year son is of six year and so on you can see the chat duration of each planet on blackboard this main period is also referred as maharaja inside this maha Dasha.

Nadi Astrology in Vaitheeswarankoil | Nadi Jothidam in Vaitheeswarankoil | Nadi Joshiyam in Vaitheeswarankoil

We have an Tabata or sub period of all the nine planet in the same rate and similarly we have present allaha or sub sub period of all 9 Shivanaadi Astrology again inside on the data in the same rate to know what results we will get in a data we need to remember these three points first a planet gives result of the Nadi Jothidam where it is situated and the Nadi Astrology it owns second a planet also gives results according to its own nature.

Nadi Astrology in Vaitheeswarankoil | Nadi Jothidam in Vaitheeswarankoil | Nadi Joshiyam in Vaitheeswarankoil

Nadi Astrologers if a planet is for example we as per 15 rules we cannot expect planet will be able to deliver any good results and the third as Astrologers told you in the natural episode planet also borrow significant from its mature.

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Which lord is specified in Nadi Astrology ?

Lord so these are three important points that you keep in mind while fading Russia suppose we want to know then we'll marry Hepper we know that seventh Nadi Astrology is the Nadi Astrology of marriage so data of the planet in 7th Nadi Astrology or the planet owning seventh outs or the planet in the nutshell of seventh owner or seventh occupant.

Does Shivanaadi Astrology gives whatever they want ?

Shivanaadi Astrology can give marriage provided these Shivanaadi Astrology are strong as well as per 15 rules that Astrologers told you earlier if you will keep these three points in mind and you will be able to predict timing very accurately whatever whether it is married job or childbirth you will be able to predict all these things try to practice it on the chart of your friends and relatives and try to learn based on this Online Naadi Astrology

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