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Online Nadi Josiyam is going into the eighth Online Nadi Astrology that is not a bad placement because you become very um you become very powerful here you become illuminated whatever is mysterious hidden that will come into limelight and this is a sign of regeneration and acquiring more knowledge so you will get a lot of knowledge in this week from this week onwards

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till the time Online Nadi Josiyam is in the eighth Online Nadi Astrology Online Nadi Jothidam will be transferring first and second Online Nadi Astrologyalso so this will bring about a lot of Nadi Jothidam towards your mental setup you will be utilizing that rejuvenation that you did in the 12th Online Nadi Astrology zone now you want to bring it forward and bring it to your work to your relationship

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those energies are going to be now getting enhanced rahu Nadi Jothidam is there so it will bring about a lot of confusion you are confused about your financials about how you handle things in your in your relationship you're being very aggressive or your partner is being very aggressive so there is a lot of complication that you have to deal with uh because of the mars and Online Nadi Josiyam and kedu all those energies are you know too much for you to handle

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but yes this will gradually be fading away because one after the other the Nadi Astrologyare leaving the seventh Online Nadi Astrology zone of yours though they're going to be collecting in the eighth Online Nadi Astrology of yours but still eighth Online Nadi Astrology is still a you know a place where you will get the chance to understand people understand yourself better

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because that at the end of the day will give you a lot of clarity about everyone around you the circumstances also it's a regenerative kind of a sign that is why you know it's like the Online Nadi Astrology of death but it is also you know the Online Nadi Astrology of life because after death comes after the death of the previous things comes the new things it's like rising from the ashes like phoenix

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so you will definitely be feeling those energies even more you're going to be communicative you're going to be talking to people you're going to be getting that kind of uh you know bonding that you have been waiting for with your family with your in your relationships or in your relationships all sorts of relationships also for student natives you have to really work little harder

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because there are certain things which are actually stopping you to move further on so this week is not that favorable for you for initiating anything any kind of education so just give yourself some time it will definitely work uh and your creative expression you know you are lacking that so you have to put little bit of effort there and definitely you will achieve it okay

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whatever is missing till now um coming to gemini sign for gemini Online Nadi Jothidam is going to be transferring your 11th 12th and 1st Online Nadi Astrologythis week and it is going to be bringing about a lot of change because Online Nadi Josiyam is going to be coming out of the sixth Online Nadi Astrology to seventh and Sivanadi Astrology is going to go retrograde

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so um Online Nadi Jothidam in the 11th Online Nadi Astrology will give you a lot of inclination towards friends your clubs your organizations associations some goals that you have set the need to be the people's person so you want to be you know you don't want to be a loner to start with the week starts like that you want to mix with people party or you know just do things

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maybe there's some delegation and you're going to be meeting them all so all those energies are going to get predominant this week to start with but definitely it is going to be uh again you know when Online Nadi Jothidam transits through your um through your 12th Online Nadi Astrology you again get into that recluse that aloof uh environment solitary uh places you know these

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