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A Nadi Jothidam moon or rising sign then watch this video to know why i am saying this and the reason behind that to start off with Nadi Astrologers and saturn the two major Online Nadi Jothidam are going to bless you with success in all walks of your life starting with next year Nadi Astrologers and saturn stay in a sign for long periods of time meaning Nadi Astrologers stays in a sign for around 13 months saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years that is why the transit of these two Online Nadi Jothidam

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Needs to be analyzed because their impact is felt on a large scale whereas smaller Online Nadi Jothidam like the sun moon venus mercury we don't really focus on too much because they keep moving very fast in a month in two weeks in two and a half days but Nadi Astrologers and saturn are the most important Online Nadi Jothidam to predict for long-term events so let's start by talking about the transit of saturn for you guys so in 2022 saturn the Online Nadi Jothidam of justice will be in your second Online Nadi Astrology of wealth

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In the sign of capricorn itself for about nine months of the year and from the second Online Nadi Astrology it will aspect the 11th Online Nadi Astrology of gains which will be the aspect on its friendly sign libra that aspect will get exalted so as you can see both the money Online Nadi Astrology are getting activated by the Online Nadi Jothidam saturn the second Online Nadi Astrology of wealth and the 11th Online Nadi Astrology of gains so your bank balance is going to start increasing once 2022 starts your savings are going to increase

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You are going to get gains from multiple sources of income your social network is going to be beneficial for you you're going to benefit from your elder siblings your aura is going to rise in society and money is naturally going to flow towards you you have to just be patient because saturn delays but never denies and saturn is a very slow moving Online Nadi Jothidam so it is going to give you good gains in your finance aspects but you have to just be patient because they will come at a slow rate but they will surely come and your finance flow will increase

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As the months keep progressing then saturn in april 2022 for about three months will enter the third Online Nadi Astrology the third Online Nadi Astrology will be the sign aquarius which is saturn's own mool trikona sign as well saturn rules capricorn and aquarius and mool trikona means trinal strength any Online Nadi Jothidam placed in its mull trikona sign does exceptionally well so saturn in its third Online Nadi Astrology placement will be giving you benefits from short distance journeys those will be really beneficial for you your younger siblings

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Are going to start to support you your communication skills are going to start peaking your communication skills will prove you to be a successful leader in your workplace and in 2023 when Sivanadi Astrology again enters the third Online Nadi Astrology because in july Sivanadi Astrology will come back to your second Online Nadi Astrology of wealth and keep increasing your bank balance but then it will again transit to the third Online Nadi Astrology in jan 2023 and then stay there for the rest of 2023 and stay there in 2024

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As well because Sivanadi Astrology will not change signs in 2023 and 2024 it will stay in your third Online Nadi Astrology in the sign of aquarius which is Sivanadi Astrology's own sign so Sivanadi Astrology will be doing very good for you guys in all aspects of money in communication related matters in short distance journeys Sivanadi Astrology is going to prove to be very beneficial in these areas also you will suddenly start to become very health conscious and you might even join a gym because third Online Nadi Astrology is related to gym and working

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Out so you will start working out more which will help you to get in better shape and eventually keep you in good health now let's take a look at Nadi Astrologers's transit so Nadi Astrologers will first be in april from jan to april 2022 will be in your third Online Nadi Astrology of sign aquarius third Online Nadi Astrology is related to as i said short distance journeys and communication so those things will improve and Nadi Astrologers will aspect

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The seventh Online Nadi Astrology the ninth Online Nadi Astrology and the eleventh Online Nadi Astrology the seventh Online Nadi Astrology is the Online Nadi Astrology of marriage so if you are single there is a very good chance you might get married you might find a perfect spouse for you and if you are already married then your married life will be very smooth and harmonious your partner will love you more care for you and respect you if you were thinking of starting a Sivanadi Astrology then 2022 might be the year you might start like a startup or you might get into a Sivanadi Astrology partnership

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You might make some sound Sivanadi Astrology decisions which will help expand your Sivanadi Astrology and make it profitable Nadi Astrologers's aspect will also fall on the ninth Online Nadi Astrology where the sign leo falls which is very friendly sign for Nadi Astrologers and Nadi Astrologers is the natural significator of the ninth Online Nadi Astrology of luck and destiny so your luck will also start to rise your destiny will support you if you wanted to go to a foreign country for higher education then the stars are being extremely favorable because Nadi Astrologers will be aspecting

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