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Online Nadi Jothidam a fresh person a new person because your energy levels were a bit down in in the past four weeks uh mercury and aquarius in your 12th Online Nadi Astrology is squaring uranus and taurus in the third Online Nadi Astrology this to me spells um disruption on the road unexpected disruption on the road i i'd say if you are also looking to let's say uh plan some sort of short distance trip with a partner

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Online Nadi Jothidam because mercury also rules your seventh Online Nadi Astrology of partnerships there could be some sort of inconvenience that comes up or maybe your partner last minute says i don't actually want to go there or i don't actually Online Nadi Jothidam that place also i would drive carefully and slowly on this day and i would uh maybe take extra kind of expert in the life

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Online Nadi Jothidam time um when it comes to reaching your workplace when it comes to reaching your home when it comes to any sort of commute that you have to make because uranus is the unexpected and mercury is it's connected with sales also if you were waiting for a package it might not arrive today or it could arrive i don't know at a neighbor's Online Nadi Astrology so it is worth asking around connected with transportation

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Nadi Astrology signs whichever resonates more with you uh there is one more option that you have i'm giving you this week that is you can watch it from your dasha lord or your ascendant lord or your Nadi Astrology sign lord there are so many options that you can check your transits from i'm not confusing you there can be that it is not giving you the result through your healthy life

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Nadi Astrologyand right now maybe the dasha is not matching or synchronizing with your ascendant or the Nadi Astrology sign right now so if at all you're having a dasher of saturn and you are leo rising so you have to see because saturn is the ruler of your sixth and the seventh lord so it is going to be more uh effective uh sixth and seventh Online Nadi Astrology results will be active and uh because saturn

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Online Nadi Astrology so it will give you that result even more depending on where your saturn is seated also that Online Nadi Astrology will also be actually activated so just check uh check from these parameters also from these angles also you will definitely get some results i'm going to be giving you a few dates also which are good or not so good or maybe i will give you only the good dates so just make a note life issues

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Nadi Astrology is going to be transiting three zodiac signs of aries taurus and gemina and will be conjunct uh obviously rahu also when it's exalted so just uh make a note of this that Nadi Astrology is going to be from 7 to 8 in the aries sign and nine ten then eleven and a half days in taurus and will be from twelfth to thirteenth it will be in gemini and from a uh from from gemini in gemini it will be aspected by jupiter

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Online Nadi Jothidam venus and mars so three planets will be aspecting the zone and uh definitely gemini people are very active right now for that reason as well so now what exactly are we heading to i'll be sharing sign wise predictions and uh i hope you are liking this video till now so don't forget to subscribe my channel if you're watching me for the first time i do the tutorials also from time to time i've done a predictive techniques video last week astrology

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Online Nadi Jothidam keep doing these videos so that you understand a little bit of astrology also simultaneously if it all you're a vedic vedic astrology enthusiast there is not much difference between tropical and sidereal there are people who say that uh you know sidereal is not accurate and tropical is and some people say tropical is accurate uh uh sidereel is accurate and tropical is not so the paths are different but the destination

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Online Nadi Jothidam is the same uh generally it's seen the sidereal predictions how well you are uh going to be giving the predictions that is the most important part so for all you are your predictions are accurate follow that stream okay so let's start with the um sign wise predictions and let me share the screen with you these are live sessions so just bear with me in case there is a delay if there is a lag all right so to start with aries natives first for aries people

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