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Naadi Astrology is also placed in the seventh Shivanaadi Astrology and Naadi Astrology is a natural significator of the Shivanaadi Astrology of marriage Naadi Astrology is the natural karaka but they say when Naadi Astrology being the natural significator occupies the seventh Shivanaadi Astrology it destroys the significations of that Shivanaadi Astrology and then you also have the fiery planet Astrology entering that Shivanaadi Astrology so if you are married be very careful in your married life do not get into unnecessary arguments or that could lead to major misunderstandings so as long as you are watchful of your temper you are kind respectful and understanding with your spouse then overall married life will be fine but you still need to be a bit careful now let's look at children

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Children it's going to be a fairly good month no no major issues because the lord of the fifth Shivanaadi Astrology of children is a Naadi Astrology and it is placed in the seventh Shivanaadi Astrology so even though sagittarius is a neutral sign for Naadi Astrology it is not going to cause any major issues however you still have to avoid getting into arguments with your children and that way harmony and peace will remain established so overall in matters of children it is an okay month now let's look at Nadi Jothidam related matters again we see Nadi Jothidam from the seventh Shivanaadi Astrology and Nadi Jothidam partnerships as well so you have to be careful

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Nadi Jothidam partnership with someone you don't know too well try to do your research before starting your own Nadi Jothidam because Astrology when it enters the seventh Shivanaadi Astrology of Nadi Jothidam it is a very hasty planet it is a planet which has a lot of drive so even though it is good to have drive and ambition in life you don't want to make any mistakes because starting a Nadi Jothidam is a costly investment so as long as you do your homework as long as you do your study then you will be fine but you still have to make sure to do proper analysis before starting your own Nadi Jothidam or before getting into a partnership

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Nadi Jothidam or put large amounts of money into something because that could lead to some problems later on so be careful in your Nadi Jothidam aspect now let's look at love life so for love life we look at the fifth Shivanaadi Astrology of love and romance and Naadi Astrology is going to be placed fairly okay so do not expect anything magical happening and it's not going to be a terrible month either it's going to be just fine it's not that you might find someone in the month of jan if you're single but there is a small chance it could happen and if you do come across someone like that that person could be very um what do you say like they might love to spend a lot of money

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Naadi Astrology and Astrology will also be conjunct with that planet so that person might be very spendthrift and they might also be dominant so you have to be watchful of that so love life is going to be just fine finance matters if you look at finance and wealth outlook it's going to be a good month because the lord of your Shivanaadi Astrology of gains is Astrology and it will enter the seventh Shivanaadi Astrology which is nine places

What is the result of Sagittarius in Nadi Astrology explained by Nadi Astrologers ?

Sagittarius is a good sign for Astrology so especially in the second half of the month you might start getting some more gains so definitely make good use of that and try to save that money and that will help you down the road so i believe i cover all the major aspects of a life career health education married life children Nadi Jothidam love life finance

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