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Sun and Nadi Centre in the first 15 days are making a beautiful conjunction which will help you to increase your bank balance money flow will definitely be coming your way and as the month progresses try to save that money because the first 15 days the money flow will be good after 15 days it will still be good but not as much as the first 15 days so in the later part of the month try to save as much money as you can and that will be very beneficial for you but overall the money and finance flow looks to be pretty solid for the month of december now let's talk about health

Naadi Astrology in India | Naadi Jothidam in India | Naadi Joshiyam in India

Health issues we look at the sixth Astrology Centre so the lord of the sixth Astrology Centre is Online Nadi Astrology and it is placed in the fifth Astrology Centre so Online Nadi Astrology's position is pretty strong because Online Nadi Astrology is a naturally benefic Online Nadi Astrology and Online Nadi Astrology is the natural significator of the fifth Astrology Centre so it shows in a way end of diseases relief from any short-term or acute illnesses so that aspect is looking good however we have to remember that rahu the north node of the Nadi Jothidam will be in the eighth Astrology Centre eighth Astrology Centre is a very malefic Astrology Centre

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Accidents terminal diseases so what i'm trying to say is when rahu is in the eighth you have to be very careful when driving your car do not try to speed and drive do not try to get into arguments do not eat a lot of junk food oily food because that could cause some issues because the eighth Astrology Centre is related to all these things as well the sixth Astrology Centre as we know is a malefic Astrology Centre but the eighth Astrology Centre is a bigger malefic Astrology Centre and you have rahu in there so you need to be a bit careful in health related matters in the month of december but as long as you take precautions you will be fine now let's talk about education

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Education the lord of your fifth Astrology Centre of education is Online Nadi Joshiyam and it will be placed in the fourth Astrology Centre as i said before it will be placed in conjunction with its great friend Online Nadi Jothidam in a center Astrology Centre and in the fifth Astrology Centre you have Online Nadi Astrology in that Astrology Centre as well so education prospects look bright now if you wanted to pursue education in a foreign country it will be a good time to start applying for that because Online Nadi Joshiyam

Nadi Astrology in India | Nadi Jothidam in India | Nadi Joshiyam in India

Online Nadi Astrology will aspect the ninth Astrology Centre from the fifth Astrology Centre indicating if you wanted to pursue a phd or masters program in us or canada or any other country then it will be very beneficial if you are planning on giving exams if you study hard you will get good results so overall the education aspect is looking very bright now let's talk about business for business we look at the seventh Astrology Centre and the lordship of seventh is controlled by Nadi Centre the commander-in-chief

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Nadi Centre is sitting in the second Astrology Centre in conjunction with sun creating a nice wealth combination so you might get a lot of gains from your business now if you had recently started your business you might now seeing some revenue being generated your bank balance will start increasing in your business related matters you will have a good harmonious time with your business

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Partner they will start appreciating you more they might take you out for a nice dinner or lunch they might start noticing your good qualities they might appreciate your hard work and effort so overall the business aspect is looking very bright and those who wanted to start a business then also it would be a good time to do that because of the strong support of Nadi Centre in its own Astrology Centre all the aspects of a person's life

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