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Astrology is to check service in your birth chart first of all let's understand what is a Online Nadi Astrology and what kind of Astrology opportunities one has in this sector now every sector is run by the Online Nadi for proper management and welfare and there are different divisions to handle each Nadi Centre like mct public sector banks Astrologer Nadi Centre or income tax Nadi Centre and so on see if you are interested in Online Nadi Astrology then you need to know the facts and i can share some basic information for those who are in dilemma and i believe keeping certain facts in mind always helps in decision making so now the indian Online Nadi divides the public employees into various group rankings so there are three different levels and level one level two and level three okay so level one includes commissioned Astrologer like is irs ips so this category is highly paid they get perks they and then honor and pride of course level two Nadi Astrologer or non-guested.

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Astrologer so this is more of administrative role and employees working in public sector undertakings and national banks fall under this category then comes level three these are the public servants who are Agasthiya Nadi Astrologyed in various non-supervisory roles for example section heads and then head clerks and tax assistance okay so now let me highlight the important Shivanadi Astrology you need to check in the chart first of all check the lagna lagna lord it's nakshatra and Joshiyam posited here and see if you are now see then you have to see the fifth house okay it's the fifth lord it's nakshatra and Joshiyam Agasthiya Nadi Astrologyed here now fifth house is the second to the fourth house fourth house is of masses so this represents the treasure of the country and Online Nadi employees they are paid by the common man's taxes so fifth house should be strong then check the 10th house 10th lord it's nakshatra and Joshiyam in the 10th house now you have to check the relation between 5th house and 10th house see your work and message.

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Wealth should have relation okay then see the position of Online Nadi and its nakshatra and lastly see the sign leo and Joshiyam posited in this sign see if you are clear about what section you want to apply or which Nadi Centre you are interested then see Shivanadi Astrology required for that profile okay so if you have high aspirations and want level one Astrology then be sure that here first of all there's a lot of competition and then there are limited seats okay so and most important to get into the office of level one uh you need to have majority of the above mentioned Shivanadi Astrology so the position of Online Nadi and then leo sign the fifth house and the tenth house relation and tenth house Joshiyam and the running dasha at the time of joining and and then again those Shivanadi Astrology they should be strong in d9 and d10 chart then you have to see Joshiya Nadi Hyderabad Online Nadi and Online Nadi in Hyderabad they should be very powerful or in kendra or making a raj yoga the intelligence level decision making power and self-esteem and the balanced mind see these are the most essential skills required to acquire this position so this group of employees is no less than a king so definitely raj over should be formed.

Nadi Astrology in Hyderabad | Nadi Jothidam in Hyderabad | Nadi Joshiyam in Hyderabad

Then comes the level two and if you're looking for level two like guested or non-Nadi Astrologer then Nadi Hyderabad Online Nadi in Hyderabad Online Nadi they should be strong then fourth house and second house and strong position of Online Nadi and leo sign of course then fifth house lord of Joshiyam posited in fifth house making a raj yoga is all the better it's uh it's it will make it uh the yogas will if the yogas are strong then there the probability will be more as compared to the less stronger Joshiyam okay so then the person will get promotions and get fame and status and then comes level three these are the public servants so here role of saturn and sixth house plays a major role even this section goes through competitive exams but these exams are simpler as compared to level 1 exams so this way i've shared all the Shivanadi Astrology which you need to check for the Online Nadi Astrology at three different levels and it is advisable to check the dasha period at the time of writing the exam even if there are less yogas then also i believe intelligence and determination hard work and willpower these qualities can surely guide a person to achieve his dreams and aspirations so now let's discuss a horoscope so this is the horoscope of a person who has a high profile in ministry of home affairs.

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First of all check the lagna in lebanon the laguna scorpio fixed in secretive sign the lagana injection and Joshiya and anuradha states saturn and Nadi Hyderabad effect on this person saturn is fourth lord and Nadi Hyderabad is 11th lord so gaines house plus masters house is getting connected right then see lagna lord Jothidam is making a chandra mangal yoga which itself gives a ruling over masses and this is an eighth house see here the eighth house signifies delays and problems and Astrology and also a sudden downpour or obstruction now next scene is the gemini sign here in eighth house.

Online Nadi Astrology in Hyderabad | Online Nadi Jothidam in Hyderabad | Online Nadi Joshiyam in Hyderabad

Online Nadi in Hyderabad plus Jothidam here here Online Nadi in Hyderabad is a fourth lord of natural zodia and expected by saturn fourth lord now see the relation between the fifth house and tenth house and this started tenth lord is in the fifth house with the eleventh lord Nadi Hyderabad and the position of Online Nadi in the fifth house is also very good this is a kendra and yoga which gets a lot of prosperity and abundance the position of Joshiya in lagna and Nadi Hyderabad in the fifth house is very strong and Joshiya respect on fifth house and on Joshiyam key to Online Nadi Nadi Hyderabad has made the fifth house very strong when he joined.

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What does Nadi Astrology mean to others by Nadi Astrologers ?

Astrology at that time Joshiya mahadasha was going on which is the fifth lord as well so again a strong sequence is shown and even if uh we see the position of saturn the natural karaka of Astrology here saturn mooltrikona sign falls in fourth house and aquarius signifies society and welfare and it expects fourth house of countrymen see the natural fourth lord moan again and eleventh house of gains its tenth aspect and also the lagna lord in eighth house and in saturn dasha he was given the finance Nadi Centre see maharashtra changes the Nadi Centre can also change even Jothidam being the lagna lot and sixth lord expects eleventh house your rahu possession explores the energy of gains and fulfillment of desires also sixth lord Jothidam expects fourth lord saturn in the second house this highlights finance Nadi Centre and expect on third house from gemini sign and this represents writings reports documents and if you see the leo sign first of all this sign.

Does falling in Nadi Astrologers make connection with Agasthiya Nadi Astrology ?

Falling in 10 000 of recognition status so definitely Online Nadi connection is in work is signified over here so all these Shivanadi Astrology show high Agasthiya Nadi Astrology in Online Nadi Nadi Centre but since lagna lord and ninth lord and eighth so he got into level two category which is a guested officer so but again otherwise it was a very strong chart so now let's confirm the all the Shivanadi Astrology in the d9 chart in d9 we have to recheck the Shivanadi Astrology

What makes lagnam special in Nadi Astrology ?

First of all check the lagnam this is the fifth lord of demon the position of Online Nadi which is the tenth lord of day one this is in lagna so it's very positive and this is uh the sixth lord and saturn in the sixth house is also a good Shivanadi Astrology the position of lagna lord in kendra and expects lagna from seventh house of patrapti this is a good sign and also ninth lord of bhagya in 10th house of status and recognitions so now let's see in 10 first of all see debilitated saturn in laguna which is a 10th and 11th lord in this chart this shows a lot of hard work to gain status name and recognition and it respects third house of hard work and again documentation then tenth law tenth and tenth of name and fame okay so the then tenth lord of d1 Online Nadi is in fifth house and with Jothidam the lagna lord and the sixth lord so Jothidam with Online Nadi here two fiery Joshiyam and strong fifth house shows high position in ministry of home affairs.

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