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This essay Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy will be about discussing mental illness and how to check in the horoscope through Nadi Astrology all right so before i start let me tell you that last Nadi i wrote a Online Nadi on mental illness when due to covet situation in the world and locked down i saw people were actually going through fears and anxiety and they were facing different kind of mental issues and different reasons different levels so it's important to understand the seriousness and take best solution so that it does not increase and take another level so now in the horoscope first of all you have to check that it is sign as this is the first Online Nadi Astrology of the natural zodiac and this Online Nadi Astrology the Astrologer sign it represents the brain intelligence and head region so planets posited here makes the person work and take decisions.

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Mars is the karaka first Online Nadi Astrology so therefore if afflictions to this sign and karaka planet Jothidam plus lagna lagna lord is afflicted this can result in mental illness and then virgo sign as this is the sixth lord virgo sign is a sixth lord of natural zodiac so check this sign as this can cause problems and in kp combinations you have to see the first Online Nadi Astrology casper sublot if rahu and it links with fifth Online Nadi Astrology sixth Online Nadi Astrology eighth Online Nadi Astrology and twelfth Online Nadi Astrology and the sixth Online Nadi Astrology cuspis script it links with third Online Nadi Astrology fifth Online Nadi Astrology seventh Online Nadi Astrology eighth Online Nadi Astrology nine thousand twelve thousand now third Online Nadi Astrology what is third Online Nadi Astrology see third Online Nadi Astrology is to check the lower mind of an individual it is a kambhava but it is eighth from eighth so it causes pain and since mercury is a third lord of the natural zodiac so the communication and decision making and even the way you perceive things so here mercury plays a role third Online Nadi Astrology plays a role and if third lord is related to disease Online Nadi Astrology or afflicted then the person has a sluggish mind and this kind of mind becomes prone to all kinds of mental diseases and mercury here plays a major role because mercury governs the conscious mind next come let's see moon this is the main planet and moon represents water element and if moon is with rahu or Astrologers or mercury then it can give mind related issues okay so then let me tell you about the eighth Online Nadi Astrology because eighth Online Nadi Astrology involvement.

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The first Online Nadi Astrology and sixth Online Nadi Astrology and you know eighth Online Nadi Astrology it can give stress pains and at times chronic diseases then the twelfth Online Nadi Astrology involvement with first Online Nadi Astrology and sixth Online Nadi Astrology will take you towards twelfth Online Nadi Astrology things so here it isolates a person and now if positive one can be in foreign country and if serious afflictions then rehab center hospital and finally the most important fifth Online Nadi Astrology say fifth Online Nadi Astrology fifth lord and karaka Shivanadi Centre these this has to be analyzed very carefully because Shivanadi Centre and fifth Online Nadi Astrology it indicates your intelligence wisdom and your analytic skills and if afflictions in this Online Nadi Astrology then even the if lord is also afflicted then it results in stress anxiety and sadness and these are the early stages and if not treated timely it can turn into acute mental illness so let's discuss this with this example chart and this is a chart of a guy who lost his job last Nadi in covet lost his job lost the relationship and then at the same time lot of liabilities so in a weak state of mind or can say depressed now here first of all we will see the first Online Nadi Astrology cusp script now you have to note down the virgo sign Jothidam and rahu okay then note down.

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Rahu is coming at the third Online Nadi Astrology cusp script also third and then seventh and then ninth then see sixth Online Nadi Astrology script it is aquarius that is Astrologers Shivanadi Centre Online Nadi in Hyderabad now let's see first Online Nadi Astrology kaspal script first Online Nadi Astrology kasper sub lord is rahu so now we have to check rahu script and this horoscope and as we see that rahu is the self-significator meaning it has the power to give results at the star level also and if you see that rahu as we noticed that it was the third Online Nadi Astrology fifth plus seventh Online Nadi Astrology kaspar subload and it is also coming at the sub level of venus Jothidam and Astrologers plus mud and so so rahu has a power to grab your attention and give anxiety and unnecessary fears and psychiatric issues and here it is since it is ruling um all the major planets so this means that this personality is influenced by rahu and rahu it bling it brings cloudiness in mind and makes one self engrossed and give huge stress and rahu it explodes the energy and the results can vary from anxiety issues to depression and see rahu it represents smoke so it can put a false layer on intelligence and makes one feel frustrated in life decisions and say fifth Online Nadi Astrology it represents love and passion and rahu here makes hasty judgments and commit mistakes and if we see sixth Online Nadi Astrology kaspar sablad is Online Nadi in Hyderabad and Online Nadi in Hyderabad and the star is ketu so even ketu is showing the link with 6th Online Nadi Astrology and 8th Online Nadi Astrology plus the source is 12th Online Nadi Astrology so it is also showing negative combinations and ketu disease cannot be diagnosed easily generally it is generally it is unknown as ketu has no head so the disease will not be visible so it can be hormonal imbalance and or brain related issue remedies.

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Apart first of all i will share my viewpoint that if a person is in pain or depressed it can be any reason health wealth relationship so now there are three levels to be checked so the first level is understand your mind Astrologers type that is vata pitta and kapha so either get a check from ayurveda practitioner or you can check yourself to get some idea about your Astrologers type i've written a Online Nadi on how to check your mind Astrologers type on my website see if this helps and if vata then anxiety and fear is more if pitta then aggression and then if imbalance they disturb others emotionally and kapha then depression as here one does not release the negative thoughts so either they cry or get depressed so to balance the dosha take the right food that is ahar then focus on right thoughts which are and then inculcate right habits action behavior that is so bring this to balance then check was and do the basic balancing and especially here we are talking about mental illness so the north zone is governed by water element so there should be no anti element in an odd zone and you can uh see how to check the north zone how to remove the empty element stuff from the north zone then check astrovastu like in this chart uh Shivanadi Centre venus is going on like Shivanadi Centre is mahadasha and venus you have to focus on the running the shah so Shivanadi Centre is expecting at the 10th Online Nadi Astrology 180 Nadi Astrology Centre so we Shivanadi Centre is also expecting seventh Online Nadi Astrology with 90 Nadi Astrology Centre aspect this is a 90 Nadi Astrology Centre this is 180 Nadi Astrology Centre and this is 30 Nadi Astrology Centre each house.

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Okay and since this is expecting 10th Online Nadi Astrology 180 Nadi Astrology Centre so 10th Online Nadi Astrology of karma so job was affected then seventh Online Nadi Astrology relationship and if we see antar dasha venus this is expecting the moon 30 1690 so anta dasha venus is expecting moon so serious afflictions on moon and mercury and even Shivanadi Centre is expecting mercury mercury is also afflicted here so if we see serious afflictions on moon and mercury now we have to remove the Shivanadi Centre stuff from north of northwest like Shivanadi Centre see remove heavy stuff heavy Shivanadi Centre related stuff it can be yellow color thing religious books or guru pictures mentor pictures here you have to recognize Shivanadi Centre related stuff see this is the main thing to catch generally people are not able to recognize things they are hidden these energies are hidden which are actually having effect on our subconscious mind and you have to remove these these things and even same thing will be applied at the north of northwest so both these Online Nadi Jothidam you have to remove Shivanadi Centre stuff like in this case in this chart so generally uh the running dasha you just have to catch the running dasha catch the sign where it is having negative impact now next venus is expecting moon so moon this is leo sign so that is eighth of nos northeast.

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So this is zone of happiness so this is afflicted by venus so maybe you can say due to wealth due to relationship mind is disturbed and so i ask them to check if venus stuff and also remove the unnecessary clutter from the zone because this is very important zone if if a person is depressed you have to check this nor east of northeast okay then focus on lagna planet the lagna sign remove the unnecessary clutter from this sign like in this case virgo this is a north zone so so here you can keep stuff related to mercury to enhance this zone to to strengthen this zone you can keep mercury stuff here and mercury stuff like stationary plants or green color or even music system and ketu is expecting with 60 Nadi Astrology Centre and moon is expecting with 30 Nadi Astrology Centre so these two are the positive aspects okay 2 includes objects like books related to mysticism yoga.

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Self-development and moon either put mother's pick or keep water here or white color can be added in this zone so this is north zone so this needs attention and then avoid eighth Online Nadi Astrology sign uh east zone and east north east these two directions should be avoided to sleep and it is better if you balance your north direction and sleep in the first Online Nadi Astrology sign direction this is not zone so it is better if you opt for this north zone take the bedroom direction over here especially your head position should be here then it will help you and before that you have to declutter this zone.

Is this the only way to maintain our mental illness according to Nadi Astrology ?

So this way, mental illness combinations and then the solutions and do try the doing these remedies looking at your horoscope and don't think that this will not work because these energies are so strong that they stop you from getting rid also so there's no harm you can try and do share your experience in the comment section and always remember if you are feeling low either talk to someone or connect your energy to your higher self through meditation take good care of yourself and don't allow negative thoughts to rule you and focus on good things and you will attract all positive things have a beautiful life.

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