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At present in this Gurujii A Siva Guru Swamy explains an extra marital affairs in the horoscope meaning that relationship which is illegal against your dharma society culture here i will share that many astrologers say that out of marriage relationship is fine when in a foreign country but here's the thing i believe that if you are cheating betraying betraying a person this can never be fine okay that action which destroy families and hurt sentiments of partner and children for the sake of your own pleasures can never be justified so i will explain how your own unlawful actions eventually harm you so extra relationship when you are married or committed to a person so this can be understood as betrayal cheating due to your own selfish interest and pleasures and addictions Nadi Centre and lust and who gives this so rahu plays a major role here.

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Especially if rahu is involved with first Nadi Astrology and fifth Nadi Astrology ninth Nadi Astrology see rahu makes one do things that are against social norms can give obsession hidden desire obsession to get a thing by hooker crook rahu is a shadowy Nadi Centre and it creates cloud or illusion and what happens when your mind and intellect gets clouded you take wrong track reason you are not able to see things clearly so that is fire energy so fire is weak mars is weak and mars represents the Nadi Centre energy and venus represents love and relationship and then moon that is your mind so it is a water element and if this is weak that can be influenced easily such people have no self-control so a horoscope has to be seen in totality and one single combination is not enough to fractify the event.

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So let's start with a 159 concept and if you have to analyze the basic temperament of a person first you need to see first Nadi Astrology cusp script and if self is in conflict then it needs attention so first how is gospel subload star-lord if it involves four five eight twelve Shivanadi Centre so four is hidden and five is love and then eighth is eighth Nadi Astrology it's against law okay so twelfth is bed comforts and then let's come to the fifth Nadi Astrology fifth Nadi Astrology gospel script so this is intelligence fifth Nadi Astrology is intelligence your purva pundabab decision-making power and if this is afflicted then intelligence is working sure but more in illegal activities so if this involves fourth Nadi Astrology again hidden hidden stuff and then eighth is against law twelfth is again loss of self so okay now let's see the seventh Nadi Astrology see seventh Nadi Astrology shows the quality of your marriage and if this shows uh first Nadi Astrology fifth six eight and twelve then first is self-obsessed so six is loss of seventh Nadi Astrology that is dispute dispute with a partner and eight is stress pains and even depression twelfth Nadi Astrology is separation this Nadi Astrology isolates you from the relationship if seventh Nadi Astrology is getting linked with twelfth Nadi Astrology meaning there is some distance with the partner now if eighth Nadi Astrology eighth Nadi Astrology is the main thing to be considered because if this involves the fifth Nadi Astrology fourth Nadi Astrology and then tenth and twelfth then pain through these Shivanadi Centre okay so ninth Nadi Astrology is dharma.

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If you ruin your dharma and or your ideologies your culture then tenth Nadi Astrology will be afflicted because 10th Nadi Astrology is a resource is the wealth of your dharma like second Nadi Astrology is a food pie for food pipe of yourself so tenth is the resource of ninth Nadi Astrology if you ruin ninth Nadi Astrology tenth Nadi Astrology will be ruined so if you ruin your dharma ideologies so what will happen tenth Nadi Astrology that is your image status in society that will be affected that will be ruined okay now let me explain you the concept with the help of this example chart and let's start with the first Nadi Astrology script first first Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is venus and venus is in the star of Nadi Astrology okay now let's see what we have to do with this venus and Nadi Astrology what we have to check first of all you need to see the self significators in the chart you just make a list of all those self significators so it will be easy to analyze and here in this chart sun moon mars rahu and mercury these five Nadi Centre they are the self-significator.

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So meaning they will do the task of star-lord also so whenever these appear at sub-lord level so you can check them at star also so they are more powerful understand like this so here venus in Nadi Astrology star and rahu sub lord as you can see rahu is a lord so self is in making money second Nadi Astrology then status and recognition tenth Nadi Astrology and sub lord this Nadi Astrology is eighth Nadi Astrology sub lord also okay eighth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord so here you can you have to see the results like that also and here Nadi Astrology is involving third Nadi Astrology so that is and even if you see the position third Nadi Astrology and scorpio rashi scorpio sign so third Nadi Astrology is your presentations so amazing presentations because venus is a source so artistic and skilled way and then he communicates this is a chart of a guy so very skilled way to communicate and rahu sub lord and when rahu it is involved in the first Nadi Astrology script so it shows strangeness in a personality and it's involving 10th Nadi Astrology so status status obsessed and 9 and 12 shows a lot of traveling will be involved and then seventh Nadi Astrology is art of making relationship and six is work then eleventh Nadi Astrology so self in desires and if you see that three seven eleven three come how three of them are included in the self so self and all these things like a lot of desires relationship and obsession in attaining those relationship or fulfillment of desire so fourth Nadi Astrology means self is in comfort seeking okay and since rahu is involved so rahu is showing 12th Nadi Astrology also and self in destruction and if you see rahu position is in 12th Nadi Astrology so due to addictions or unfair things now fifth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is mars and mars is a self significator and so meaning it will work at star level also so third Nadi Astrology is kambhap and eighth Shivanadi Centre hidden element and then fifth Nadi Astrology fifth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord so that will be used at star level so we get two three five eight nine ten and mars is in wiener star so love and ate show scandalous love affair as explained in the love of her video because 5 8 means scandalous love affair and this shows illegal love affair and ninth Nadi Astrology it's third from seventh so if you see ninth is involved here in the winners uh venus script so ninth Nadi Astrology is third from seventh so more partners and five 5810 is often seen as a live-in relationship now let's see the eighth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord.

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See eighth Nadi Astrology kaspar sub lord in this horoscope is Nadi Astrology okay and Nadi Astrology is in ketu star and even this involves third Nadi Astrology which means presentations meetings engagements and sevens is relationship and then fourth is hidden five is love and then six is again weakening the real relationship seventh Nadi Astrology kaspar sub lord is venus and star is Nadi Astrology so this states a marriage that is no love because four is seen here marriage that has no love and and more of hidden energy is working because rahu is a self-significator in this script so understand rahu script at the star level okay so what do we get 6 10 and 12 so did not break they only separated reason wife's chart did not show divorce and even ninth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is uh venus if we see ninth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is venus yeah so so even venus shows money and luxury comfort relationship and if ninth Nadi Astrology it involves harahu see here you have to understand this point why i highlighted ninth Nadi Astrology because this is your dharma and ninth Nadi Astrology is also taken as when you have more than one partner so it's involving rahu meaning it will never be satisfied and it this when rahu is involved in the ninth Nadi Astrology script and tahu does not follow dharma and that is against his society he always he will always do those things that is against his society rahu makes us do those things that is against society community especially if it is afflicted if it is expected by Nadi Astrology then rahu will take that track which Nadi Astrology shows and if Nadi Astrology is afflicted so then rahu will also follow the wrong track here you have to analyze very carefully and see rahu involvement can give money but 3 7 11.

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All kambhav is being included so rahu can take you off the track also and right now venus mahadasha is going on and the dasha started in 2009 so in sun antar dasha see sun and tadasha okay so this 10 and 12 understand this 10 and 12 and here sun sun is self significator so use this sun at star level and this Nadi Astrology in eighth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord when Nadi Astrology star was working and Nadi Astrology in eighth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord as i discussed the hidden relationship started and this guy started living with someone else and wife stayed at home with young children here the divorce did not happen because white star did not show divorce and they separated for few years and then he came back because due to rahu involvement and rahu never gives you satisfaction and still now he is at home but still no self-control see as you your basic temperament your inclination do not change easily you commit mistakes face the consequences learn lessons and then move forward this is a journey of the soul.

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All right now let me tell you few astro vastu remedies and in estrogen i follow western hits so in which 90 Nadi Jothidam and 180 Nadi Jothidam is worst and how Nadi Jothidam is how we calculate this every Nadi Astrology is of 30 Nadi Jothidam so like if we see Nadi Astrology is expecting with 180 Nadi Jothidam expect so this is 180 Nadi Jothidam aspect okay so each Nadi Astrology 30 Nadi Jothidam 1690 like this we have to see so in slovason remedies you only have to see the running dasha mahadasha and andhra dasha like in this case venus and sun when the relationship started so we have to see venus is it getting uh negative aspect yes mars is is expecting from eighth Nadi Astrology 30 60 and 90. This is a 90 Nadi Jothidam head and 90 Nadi Jothidam hit means the relationship will be damaged.

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What is the hidden element in Nadi Astrology ?

Hidden element so meaning you have to remove mars stuff from north northeast the skensis sign is taken as north northeast so remove mars stuff mass stuff like huge uh huge thing red color stuff or machine and then you have to see the antardasha Nadi Centre Nadi Astrology and saturn are expecting gemini sign and gemini sign is north north west north of northwest so that is um Nadi Centre and attraction zone so Nadi Astrology and saturn stuff is here and is damaging this Nadi Astrology this zone due to which this zone and this sun is affected so all we can do is remove saturn stuff like storage Nadi Astrology is something huge or big books religious books will be seen here in the north north west direction the Nadi Centre and attraction zone.

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I have been discussing more on estrogen as even this is vast topic but right now remember that negative hits you have to see the running dasher remove that stuff and then see the difference see remedies they do work but always remember that if it is raining we cannot stop the rain we can only use raincoats and umbrellas so take remedies as a protection layer as you know these objects they affect us at subconscious level so you can try in the end i would say please spend some time on birth time rectification and then c charts as in Nadi sublot changes the whole story and if you have doubt about birth time then best is to make a prisoner chart and then use the same rules to analyze all right. I will be coming up with a lot of different topics in Astrology so stay connected.

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