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In this our Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy is going to explain about how to check disease in Nadi Astrology and today i will be sharing important Nadi Jothidam to check about diseases through Nadi Astrology and for those and also the most important rule is that 12th to every Nadi Astrology negates the event and second to every Nadi Astrology will strengthen the event and Astrology Centre decides the main event and if sublot denies and even then the event will not occur and we will apply the same rules.

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While analyzing about diseases so to analyze about illness or disease remember that sixth Nadi Astrology represents disease or illness and eighth Nadi Astrology it represents chronic illness surgery or pains the twelfth Nadi Astrology represents weakness defect and even hospitalization and always see that badak if connects with illness Nadi Jothidam then it adds to the disease and can make it chronic and for recovery fifth Nadi Astrology negates sixth Nadi Astrology of disease and eleventh it negates the twelfth Nadi Astrology of defect in weakness and fourth Nadi Astrology if it involves with six thousand eight thousand it causes slow recovery because it is twelfth from fifth.

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It can also show no recovery so if fourth Nadi Astrology involves with eleventh Nadi Astrology then it shows uh or even if with fifth Nadi Astrology then it can give recovery by taking care at home actually i believe that astrology is really helpful while analyzing about diseases as it tells about the timeline of the particular disease whether it is chronic or minor it needs hospitalization or staying at home will give recovery it needs surgery or physiotherapy so all these questions can be answered if you analyze a horoscope in detail so let me explain these Nadi Jothidam with this example chart so in this horoscope start with first Nadi Astrology gospel sub-lord mercury and mercury here is self-significator and star-lord is rahu the star-lord is rahu so now rahu involvement at sixth Nadi Astrology script shows that it can confuse you the disease can confuse you and and confuse you in what in disease diagnosis and disease can be strange or unknown and this involves the houses 12 8 and then towards end badak is also also there fourth is also here so disease will be related to mercury and rahu mainly.

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Mercury related diseases can be weak nerves or loss of memory eardrum issue speech and hearing problems and sub lord also it states like 4 and 11 so it shows care at home will give relief from illness and now look at the sixth Nadi Astrology custom script the sixth Nadi Astrology gospel script is sagittarius venus mars you have to analyze all these Predictions so how we have to analyze now look at the sagittarius sign it is a fairy sign and dual sign so always remember the dual sign these signs they play significant role like here rashi if fixed the disease will take long to recover if movable then quick recovery and if dual like here in this case it shows that disease can reoccur after some time so health cannot be ignored now let's read this mars script in detail so here star-lord is sun okay so both are fairy Predictions and disease related to sun can be first of all sun is the immunity system of a person.

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So general health so this states weak immunity system so diseases like sun stroke dehydration headaches and heart disease also and excess hunger and even bones related problems can be faced vitamin c and then eyesight so this lady has weak digestion and due to this agni Predictions migraines sphere acidity issues joint pains now eighth Nadi Astrology kaspar script now now eighth Nadi Astrology custom script is rahu and saturn this Nadi Centre rahu sir and sub lord is saturn so eighth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is saturn and then rahu so these two Predictions have to be analyzed by very carefully because they are coming at the eighth Nadi Astrology script rahu is at Nadi Centre level and saturn is that cusp is the kuspel sub lord so they have the power to give pains and chronic diseases now let's come to the dasha line see when health issues started disturbing first of all the dasha running was saturn venus now venus disease can be related to female sexual disease and weak kidneys skin problems tonsils and even diabetes so the dasha was saturn.

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And then venus and venus is at Nadi Centre level it came at the Nadi Centre level and even mars is the sixth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord venus is also involved mars is also involved so saturn is the eighth Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord so both these Predictions when they came in the dasha line the lady called chronic skin disease because mahadasha is eighth Nadi Astrology gospel kaspar sub lord and and then venus is badak also in this chart like it's a movable sign so eleventh lord is the badak and next when saturn sun came so even sun has the power because sun is uh it came at the Nadi Centre level of the sixth Nadi Astrology gospel script so sun has also the power to give disease.

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So now sun sun involvement gave diseases like migraines and acidity and pain in bones so next came the saturn moon now saturn moon is going on so moon is in Nadi Centre of mars here and tenth Nadi Astrology is also involved here so here we will not see it as a Jothidam combination here the question is about health okay so first Nadi Astrology is involved sixth Nadi Astrology is involved and 10th 10th is 12th from the 11th Nadi Astrology of of gains eleventh of gains gains here the question is of health so loss of those desires loss of loss of good health desire houses here so recovery will also be there and like saturn moon is going so uh it can give issues like Nadi Centre is mars so again agni so fever muscle loss inflammation burns wounds cuts and even blood infection.

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In Nadi Astrology how to take care of our health ?

So if she takes good care of health then will recover so here sixth Nadi Astrology can be used as a remedy also and then like sixth Nadi Astrology can be used to follow fitness routine and it can be used uh like a good healthy diet she can follow and if she does one selfless activity because six houses save our service so we can use that thing also and add meditations as saturn moon is running right now so moon related issues like over sensitive and it can give anxiety or even kapha dosha so so this way one can analyze about diseases through Nadi Astrology.

What is the actual role of Nadi Astrologers those who are learning Nadi Astrology ?

The role of an astrologer is to give the timeline give guidance about what element is disturbing like in this case agni and like fire is disturbed so when i went to check vaastu the dosha was in south east zone only and there was no financial crisis no relationship issue so fire can be balanced uh in the Nadi Astrology and fire can be balanced in your diet through fitness routine and then you have to follow your doctor also all right with that comes the end of this topic disease in Nadi Astrology i will be coming with lot of Nadi Jothidam that actually work in astrology and how one can make the best use of this divine science so live life to the fullest as this also adds to good health

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