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According to Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy the system of Nadi Astrology andNadi Centre will be explaining how to analyze Astrology Centre if the tenth Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord Nadi Jyothisham-lord is saturn so Astrology Centre signified by planet saturn my last videoNadi Centrespoke on tenth Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub-lord and its Nadi Jyothisham lord significations so let's Nadi Jyothisham with 10th Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord like first step build a team that will take you towards narrowing the Astrology Centre options so here tenth Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is saturn okay so now saturn here is self significator and like here if a planet is in its own Nadi Jyothisham then also it is considered to be self-significator so self-significator means when a planet works at Nadi Jyothisham-lord level also so now let's see its position first step is to see the position the position here in bhavjal it is in the second Online Nadi Astrology okay so note down the coordinators given by saturn this is 2 4 5 and then towards sub lord level jupiter is giving 3 6 and 12. now what Astrology Centre Astrology Centre options saturn can give see saturn can give options like infrastructure construction company real estate builder or even agents and then tough work um like mechanical jobs iron and steel work manufacturing units coal mines and even oil companies they all come under saturn category now come to the sub lord jupiter see jupiter even this is the self significator here so now jupiter will work at Nadi Jyothisham-lord level.

Nadi Astrology in Hyderabad | Nadi Jothidam in Hyderabad | Nadi Joshiyam in Hyderabad

Also remember this now here you will write the script saturn and then you will include jupiter also so jupiter significations uh jupiter is the karaka of wealth prosperity wisdom and jupiter is making huge investments and due to this 12th Online Nadi Astrology 12th Online Nadi Astrology investment so getting best gains out of services as this is um it's eleventh Online Nadi Astrology customer subload also like you can see here it's uh eleventh Online Nadi Astrology jupiter is eleventh Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord okay so again jupiter is 11th Online Nadi Astrology cuspal sub lord so jupiter will expand the money you get from clients as sixth Online Nadi Astrology is shown here so sixth Online Nadi Astrology is clients expenses or investments and you know sixth Online Nadi Astrology it's 12th from the seventh Online Nadi Astrology seventh Online Nadi Astrology is your client so even your business partner so now you have to join the team.

Online Nadi Astrology in Hyderabad | Online Nadi Jothidam in Hyderabad | Online Nadi Joshiyam in Hyderabad

Like second Online Nadi Astrology saturn this can give family business finances also okay second Online Nadi Astrology family business finances then come to the fourth Online Nadi Astrology construction of Online Nadi Astrology builder real estate property building and then come to the fifth Online Nadi Astrology see fifth Online Nadi Astrology is creativity it's a artwork finest interiors and fifth Online Nadi Astrology is intelligence the best decision makers and these are the experience givers here the brand and the amazing experience is creating abundance and abundance and prosperity okay so next step is see you have to see seventh Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord because this is a businessman chart so seventh seventh Online Nadi Astrology kaspar sub lord is moon so what coordinate is moon is showing moon is showing 3 10 then venus is one at 12 okay so here also we get contract agreements due to this third Online Nadi Astrology involvement see moon is all moon is the karaka of fourth Online Nadi Astrology and real estate comfort so use like this so business related to real estate venus is a luxury finest interiors and eighth Online Nadi Astrology involvement see eighth Online Nadi Astrology is used here for construction and employees at these sites so one has to handle all these employees and stay on sites get the work done and face labor issues and if you notice this chart it involves 8 12 it's majorly seen in the entire chart 8 and 12.

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All the planets and they're showing 8 and 12 and so they're getting rental income from commercial properties and they prefer to invested money and then again money out of it again money is generated so scorpio saturn see here scorpio saturn saturn position okay so this is mysterious hidden stuff and fixed sign now even if you check the finance position like um the second Online Nadi Astrology gospel sub lord is rahu so if you see rahu coordinators rahu is even even rahu is showing 1 8 and 12. so even this states gains but again hidden element is here rahu involvement it shows again 8th Online Nadi Astrology and certain things which uh which are fake at times and there is some mysterious stuff going on some hidden element is there now in such cases people they invest money in spouse account also and then money through illegal means see this is when you don't show your real income and believe in making and saving more so eighth Online Nadi Astrology involvement also states sudden ups and downs and um see now see 6 8 12 is majorly seen in this chart 8 and 12 is majorly seen but again 6 is here so we cannot ignore this also if we see jupiter it is showing 6 8 12.

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Now understand this combination see sixth Online Nadi Astrology is called shadripu this is disease depth and dispute so one can commit mistakes and then eighth Online Nadi Astrology you can lose ideologies because it's 12th from ninth Online Nadi Astrology and then twelfth is losses so this is self-destruction and when your values are not aligned it causes disharmony so this guy he's a managing director of one of the biggest real estate giants and he Nadi Jyothisha his Astrology Centre as a structural engineer and let me again explain this see first of all we saw 10th Online Nadi Astrology kaspar sublot saturn then we saw saturn combinations it involves second Online Nadi Astrology that is finance.

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Then fourth Online Nadi Astrology the real estate and fifth Online Nadi Astrology is a creativity and the fine arts then jupiter is also ah is is showing the contracts agreements and plannings done and services this is investment Online Nadi Astrology Nadi Shastra of expenses and then there and then again business is also showing same combinations plannings and contracts and then um spouse money partners money and then again towards the end also business is real estate is being shown here and finance is accumulated money is accumulated creativity is shown here because here also saturn will be taken at Nadi Jyothisham-lord level so understand like this creativity real estate and even accumulated money business is also showing same and 10 000 is also showing same combinations.

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What is Bhumi Karka in Nadi Astrology said by Nadi Astrologers ?

Even if we see finance rahu and then again mars see mars is also called the bhumi karka so these people they buy huge pieces of land and then they invest money so that was my analysis explaining saturn options Nadi Centre will be coming with more Astrology Centre options as Nadi Centre like to do in-depth analysis I have written a Nadi Shastra of blogs for beginners in astrology and let me know if any query and read charts.

How to make our mindset flexible in Nadi Astrology ?

With a flexible mindset see what is fixed and where is the free will and practice more on birth charts and as patience and calm mind helps in focusing on problems and getting to resolutions have a great time

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