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Our Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy will be sharing level one Nadi Jothidam analysis and in this we will understand the options available in a person's life or promised in life and when dasha changes sometimes options completely change so those who are new to Nadi astrology please download my ebook simple steps to learn Nadi Shivanadi Astrology if you have to analyze horoscope Nadi the first step is to know about basic astrology that includes 12 houses 12 signs and then 9 Online Nadi.

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Understand the Nadi rules and then start analyzing the horoscope so let's start with today's topic how we make Nadi Jothidam predictions in Nadi but before that subscribe to my channel as i will be sharing simplest Astrology to understand astrology all right now let's Shivanadi Astrology what are the favorable combinations to check Nadi Jothidam Shivanadi Astrology mainly there are Prediction house sixth house Joshiyam tenth and 11th house what is Prediction house Prediction house is your savings it's the money accumulated this house states you will earn money Online Nadi connected to Prediction house are posited in Prediction house they play a major role in signifying what kind of planet will get you money like planet states of the planet significations tell like this kind of work will get you money okay now sixth house is service Nadi Predictions then Joshiyam house is business and partnership tenth houses status name work and fame and eleventh house.

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This very important this is gains and profits okay so if you are working hard on this it's quite obvious you're expecting gains so this house states that yes you will gain and you will have profits and there will be fulfillment of desires now unfavorable combinations so these are fifth house eight thousand twelfth house Shivanadi Astrology these are if this combination comes um either vertically or horizontally i'll explain this in a moment so then this is the worst combination because if it's a business then it's blockage of money and if it's a Nadi Predictions then there are chances that you will be removed from Nadi Predictions or you will be suspended so Shivanadi Astrology what is fifth house fifth house is twelfth from the house of your Nadi Predictions okay so this is negating the sixth house and it is uh if you Shivanadi Astrology from the from if Joshiyam house is your partner's house okay your opposition party.

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So then it's 11 from the Joshiyam so that means your partner will gain the opposite party is going to have profit or he will gain so that is your loss okay so then eighth house that is the Prediction house of your opposition party that is his savings his accumulated money and then 12th house that is sixth house of the opposite party like um that is his work his service and 12th of yourself like your loss and your disappointments your weaknesses and also first house and third house plus sixth house if these three houses they join eight thousand twelfth house remember this so then they can also give negative effects because what is third house third house you know it is uh it is eight it makes a 6-8 relation from 10th house so that means it can create a gap in your Nadi Predictions or in your business and if you use that third house things in your work then it is fine but otherwise if third house connects with eight then it can give some certain issues and okay now let's Shivanadi Astrology how to check uh this these combinations on a chart okay now this is a casper chart so of let's follow a formula like whenever you have to check Nadi Jothidam start from the tenth house gospel.

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Sub lord okay so tenth house gospel sub lord and then come to its star-lord so star-lord this is now tenth gospel sub-lord is rahu here so the star-lord is ketu okay so this star-lord will tell about your Nadi Predictions your Nadi Jothidam and what what kind of options will be available to you so if it's a first house then it says that you will have self-employment or you will be have to present in your Nadi Predictions all the time if it's Prediction house then it says regarding banks or some accounts or even family business if it's third house then it's communications sales advertising and if it's fourth house then it's regarding buildings or home or real estate then if it's fifth house it's entertainment creativity and even politics so sixth house is daily service even police law and health related profession so Joshiyam house says about business and trade then eighth house it says about insurance multinational company contract Nadi Predictions so i will be highlighting this eighth house in a moment because eighth house has to be studied very carefully.

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Normally people they get scared when they Shivanadi Astrology the involvement of eighth house in the horoscope but my perspective is that if you if you make a positive use of this eighth house then you can Shivanadi Astrology the good effects also in your work point is that you have to use this house in a positive way i'll come back to this okay so if your 10th house guest will supply through its star lord it connects or it shows ninth house then it is you can have you can be teacher social service or you can be consultant then if it's tenth house then it is the main house it tells about your status or even government Nadi Predictionss and public dealings and 11th house is best it is gains through the outside world so then comes the 12th house and this is foreign travels and social work also hospitals and even prisons okay so now let's Shivanadi Astrology how to understand in a chart okay so okay so in this chart we saw the tenth house gospel sub-lord is in star of ketu okay so tenth housekeeper was rahu and it is in star of ketu so now what is ketu saying ketus is telling about Joshiyam house.

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It is involving 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th and 12th all these houses are involved in your Nadi Jothidam so now your Nadi Predictions is to understand all these houses how you can involve these houses and in this horoscope rahu is a self-significator or you say the untenanted planet okay so this states that rahu has the capacity to give the results of star-lord also okay so this that means at star level not only k2 is working rahu is also giving effect so this is a little complicated chart but if you try to understand it is quite simple now your Nadi Predictions is to Shivanadi Astrology significations of rahu and now this rahu is showing the effects of ketu so ketu is showing Joshiyam house eighth ninth tenth eleventh and twelfth now as i told you that what is eighth house now let's understand uh what is uh eighth house Shivanadi Astrology eighth house as i said that um tenth house gospel sub lord it's showing Shivanadi Astrology this is eighth house okay so whenever you have to study a chart in Nadi you have to Shivanadi Astrology the bhav chalit okay so now tenth house Shivanadi Astrology here rahu that the sub lord is also giving the result of star-lord level and it is showing eighth house involvement okay so now what is eighth house Shivanadi Astrology eighth house actually uh this house wherever it is involved it shows that you have to control number of people of workers and it can be you know a lot of issues are there and there's a lot of research required and at times even the production house the factory and security department or even disaster management Shivanadi Astrology all these industries and where a lot of labor is there so these Online Nadi Astrologys uh they're the life is quite stressful so even if you are in computer world like i t industry even their eighth house involvement is there because whatever codes the software uses a normal person cannot understand so eighth house involvement is there okay now let's Shivanadi Astrology what is what next is there okay so now i said that rahu is the sub lord and through its star lord it is showing the effects Joshiyam house eighth house ninth tenth and eleventh okay so now this is uh a very good combination if you Shivanadi Astrology that Prediction house.

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Getting involved sixth house is getting involved 10th 11th and and Shivanadi Astrology i said rahu will give result at starlord level also so ketu is also showing 10 11 and rahu is also showing 2 6 10 11 all the combinations and if we Shivanadi Astrology the sub lord sub lord is very good it's six thousand ninth house sixth is also uh uh like you know it is quite favorable combination and ninth house shows consultant and now here there is a complete combination Prediction six ten eleven okay now if you Shivanadi Astrology favorable combinations are there sure but there is 5 8 12 also so this states that though there are good combinations but because they were unfavorable combinations also that even will also occur so last year in 2020 this guy was going through jupiter and rahu jupiter mahadasha so rahu was signifying this 5-8-12 and this guy had a very high pose he lost his Nadi Predictions due to the scovit situation he lost his Nadi Predictions suddenly and he was doing very well he was earning very good amount and suddenly he was like removed from the Nadi Predictions and and after some time like after six months then he got his Nadi Predictions and you know whenever you have to whenever one person he gets a new Nadi Predictions at that time transit position is very important so i will be discussing about transit position also in some other video but right now you need to understand.

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It whatever planet states if it is giving good combinations that will also happen and if it is giving unfavorable combinations that will also occur in your life but important is that if towards the end there is no negation then these positive or favorable combinations will occur or will happen in your life if there would have been negation like if there would have been 8 12 at a sub-lord level then this person would not have got Nadi Predictions okay so then like this person he's working with a multinational company and his Nadi Predictions is to give best ideas to increase business like best Astrology to um best marketing Astrology and if you Shivanadi Astrology like he is very creative so fifth house is there and he is a consultant ninth house is there and he is into i t so eighth house is there then tenth and eleven this shows status and high profile Nadi Predictionss and 12th house states that this is a multinational company okay so he has to travel also Shivanadi Astrology 912 involvement shows that you will travel also okay so and five nine is that i'll stay.

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Do Nadi Astrologers explain about Nadi Astrology in detail ?

Ill explain this combination again in detail because five nine uh whenever it occurs in the in your script it states that there will be a change in your life in your Nadi Jothidam here we are talking about Nadi Jothidam so change in Nadi Jothidam so did you Shivanadi Astrology there is involvement of 5-12 then there is involvement of 2 6 10 11 and then 5-9 so change in Nadi Predictions is seen okay so that was my analysis on Nadi Jothidam predictions in Nadi astrology and in the end i will say that you should apply in charts the more you apply in charts.

What is the clarity of Nadi Astrology that are explained by Nadi Astrologers ?

The clarity you will have because every chart is different and in every chart you will learn new things and just stick to the basic rules stick to the favorable and unfavorable combinations Shivanadi Astrology that it is opposing or negating and especially at the sub lord level what kind of coordinators you are getting if it is positive then there is nothing to worry and if its negative then you can Shivanadi Astrology how you can use those negative combinations in your work okay so next i will be coming with more on Nadi Jothidam in Nadi astrology so stay tuned bye for now take care Shivanadi Astrology you soon

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