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Our Guruju A Siva Guru Swamy will be sharing some important combinations to check marriage through Nadi system of astrology for those who are new to astrology and have little information about Nadi i will suggest to download my free mini guide to analyze horoscope through Nadi astrology the link is shared below now a quick reference about what is Nadi see the natural zodiac it consists of 360 degrees of ecliptic path and this is further divided into 12 Predictions of 30 degrees and then these Predictions are divided into 27 divisions of 13 degrees and 20 minutes these divisions are known as nakshatras or Nadi Predictions.

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Now Guruji has divided these degrees of 13 degrees of 20 minutes Nadi Predictions into nine subdivisions okay so these subdivisions are called sub lots you have to understand what is sub lord these these are nine subdivisions okay now in vedic astrology the Predictions uh the Online and the lords give results whereas in Nadi uh the cusp Online its Nadi Predictions lord and sub lord gives results so in Nadi the most important rule is the 12th Online to every Online negates the event and second to every Online strengthens statement and Nadi Predictions-lord decides the main result and if sub-lord denies event then the event will not occur.

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Remember these points and you can check my blog on Nadi rules for complete knowledge it is always better to have complete knowledge about the topic and then apply on horoscopes now lets Nadi Predictions with the combinations to check marriage as per Nadi system you have to focus on the seventh Online gospel sub lord its Nadi Predictions lord and the coordinator signified by venus as venus is a significant and karaka for marriage the seventh Online represents marriage partnership and dignity now they are supporting as well as opposing Predictions to the seventh Online so first of all see the seventh Online gospel sub lord it has to make some relation with second Online seventh Online and eleventh Online then it will give marriage and its in the Nadi Centres timeline i will explain this timeline concept in a moment so the second Online is an addition to the family lineage the fifth Online is love affair fun and entertainment then seventh Online is spouse in relationship the eighth Online will delay and bring obstacles to the marriage and the sixth Online gives disputes and arguments and misunderstandings the twelfth Online gives disappointments distance and defects and even ends the relations at times so now you should know about the unfavorable combinations as well see while analyzing a marriage chart theres three unfavorable Predictions first Online six thousand tenth Online the involvement of the first sixth and tenth will delay or bring obstruction in marriage an explanative timeline so the first Online is the twelfth of second Online okay now the sixth Online is twelfth of seventh Online the tenth Online is a 12th of 11th Online see i told you that 12th uh to every Online will negate the event so here in this case first Online 6 000 and 10th Online these are considered unfavorable combinations for marriage you have to understand and apply these combinations in a horoscope very carefully.

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Initially you might find it will feel complex but later on once you understand uh then you will find it super easy now how to see these combinations in a Nadi chart now here you can see that we have a Nadi chart and we have to see the seventh Online first see the seventh Online Nadi Astrologers here we find that ketu is the seventh Online gospel sub lord right now we have to analyze ketu uh Nadi Astrologers very carefully that doesnt give marriage or not so lets see what will this person will ever get married or not so for that we need to see the next slide um see now see ketu Nadi Predictions is Astrology Centre we have to see ketu from here and let me tell you that i use horosoft software to check Nadi coordinators and there are many other softwares that show Nadi charts so its entirely up to you my choice is autosoft and even extra stage gives Nadi significators okay so lets see the Nadis k2 sorry k2 Nadi Astrologers so this is k2 Nadi Astrologers so the Nadi Predictions is Astrology Centre okay and now what does Astrology Centre shows Astrology Centre is showing 4th Online 5th Online 9th 10th and 12th this is showing promise plus quality of marriage we have to analyze the marriage from these coordinators that does it signify marriage it is favorable unfavorable or neutral okay you have to understand each and every Online significance very carefully considering the favorable combinations and unfavorable combinations now like as you see the third Online is short distance treble then fourth Online is comfort but loss of love as well then fifth Onlinelikings or love affairs nine thousands long distance ninth is third from seventh so it will increase the relationship and tenth Onlineis job fame and profession its 12th from 11 so that is fulfillment of desire so it is Online Nadi 10th Online is Online Nadi the significance of desires so 12th Online is end of relationship so you can see that these Predictions that have been reflected in k2 Nadi Astrologers is not so favorable here now in this chart you will see that its not showing second Online seven thousand eleventh Online so here in this case you have to check it again in the gospel Nadi Astrologers that what exactly the seventh Online Nadi Astrologers is showing because ketu Nadi Predictions is Astrology Centre and can you see that Astrology Centre is here in the Nadi Predictions level okay its in the kaspal Nadi Astrologers so Astrology Centre gave marriage because it was there in the kaspal Nadi Astrologers venus was also there so as venus is also considered to be the significator of for marriage so venus Astrology Centre and ketu so thus the marriage is shown in this chart okay the promise is there here we found that this the promise is here in this chart for marriage now you have to see that one significant even if one significant is present that means it will give marriage now next question is when will this person get married so for that you have to check timeline and see if running dasha is showing marriage combinations like this person got married and wieners mercury zasha now since there was promise so it gave marriage in venus and mercury session else it is a weak chart for marriage as there is seven thousand involvement no doubt but the majority of unfavorable combinations if you ask about marital happiness then since there is involvement of third Online fourth Online and twelfth Online uh even the tenth Online is there see the tenth Online is there and even Astrology Centre is posited in tenth Online.

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So it is Online Nadi uh the event there are majority of unfavorable combinations fourth Online is lack of love and care and tenth Online is Online Nadi eleventh Online of desires wealth is ending the relation and because its even giving disappointment so this person got separated in Online Nadi Astrology dasha now see what is signified in Online Nadi Astrology dasha you have to understand the Online Nadi Astrology Nadi Astrologers when the dasha changes you have to understand what does it signify because earlier it was unfavorable chart for marriage so now if you see Online Nadi Astrology is showing 8th Online it is giving 511 plus at the suburb level it is Online Nadi and not to forget that Online Nadi Astrology is posited with rahu so you have to consider rahus combinations as well okay so this is the most important point and also in this chart uh Online Nadi Astrology is significant which means uh it will give some Nadi Predictions-lord result also so i will explain this significator concept uh in another video but for right now as significator is that uh whose Nadi Predictions is not there in any of the Nadi Centre.

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What happens if no Nadi Centre are there in Nadi Astrology ?

There is no Nadi Centre which is in uh Online Nadi Astrology Nadi Predictions see there is no Nadi Centre which is in the Nadi Predictions of Online Nadi Astrology okay so here the Online Nadi Astrology got the strength of giving results at Nadi Predictions-lord level this you have to remember this is the main thing when you have to find out the significator thing this is very important while using Nadi uh system of astrology so now uh you have to consider rahu also as i told you and it is giving unfavorable combinations see rahus Nadi Astrologers it is giving unfavorable combinations it is showing um the second Online seven thousand eleventh Online but towards sub lord level it is Online Nadi so when it at sublime level it negates it causes problems so it cause lot of conflicts and violence in the marriage and finally the couple got separated thats it for today hope you liked uh marriage predictions through Nadi system.

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Astrology can be understood in a better way only if you practice on only if you practice on birth charts and because every chart has different combinations and life problems are also different so the more you apply better will be your understanding for astrology and if you have any queries you can please let me know write down as mail or visit our website as i have written a lot of blogs for beginners in astrology.

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