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Our Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy will be talking about houses and their significant this is one of the very important part of learning Vedic Astrology or even even I in fact any branch of this joint each Astrology in Hyderabad in only we have total of twelve houses and each Astrology in Hyderabad has certain things whatever things are told or revealed by those houses is called signification in Hindi significant is not correct or not at the two means what exactly each Astrology in Hyderabad tells us all 12 houses are given lots of different character or signification so hey there are tons of such characters and I cannot cover all of them here so you can refer any book for that.

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I will be talking some very important aspect of life and each Astrology in Hyderabad associated with let me tell you about the Astrology in Hyderabad Astrology in Hyderabad is the as it is the Astrology in Hyderabad it is a primary and the most important role in a birth chart this is also called lovely in Hindi and ascendant in English so this represent everything if in a birth chart luck is not well positioned then everything is destroyed the health Wells longevity fame fortune happiness everything is gone first Astrology in Hyderabad if the pillar of a birth chart and this is very important apart from this fundamental thing about the first Astrology in Hyderabad there are certain other things Astrology in Hyderabad represents body Astrology in Hyderabad represents but for those first of those are indigent how do you know first Astrology in Hyderabad represent health as well.

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So these are the basic things represented by first terms and as I said it is important to remember that old birth chart old country old horoscope is dependent on first Astrology in Hyderabad second Astrology in Hyderabad is the Astrology in Hyderabad of Finance Astrology in Hyderabad of family so if second Astrology in Hyderabad is not well placed then person will not be a good finance and good family and then it is very difficult to get good happiness apart from this speech what we say it also represented by second Astrology in Hyderabad and also the right eye is also represented by second Astrology in Hyderabad thirdAstrology in Hyderabad represents siblings especially the younger siblings your younger brother your young existence thirdAstrology in Hyderabad also represent courage so if you have a powerful third Astrology in Hyderabad we'll be doing good in courage you will be doing good in sports.

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The college sports gives you requires if you have fighting spirit all the sports person there varies from third fourthAstrology in Hyderabad else's first thing is mother so mother is very important because through mother human psychology is connected as well for thousands o represents property so one will be having property one will not be having property this will be told by four thousand general luxuries specially convinced in today's world car and luxury car these are also represented by Porthos a most importantly general happiness is denoted by four thumbs so in 4000 foot for the fourth out is not would person will not be happy so due to this happiness factor psychology fender for Thornton in the chart of pilgrims if you study chart of criminals you will find that they have 4000 for you all wet planet's magnetic planets are associated with 4000 fifthAstrology in Hyderabad is theAstrology in Hyderabad of intelligence and all.

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Burnet people to have good systems fifthAstrology in Hyderabad is also related to film Hyderabad Astrology because it is aAstrology in Hyderabad of entertainment so you will see in all filmHyderabad Astrology and people were related to cinema they have generally good fifthAstrology in Hyderabad fifthAstrology in Hyderabad is also a Astrology in Hyderabad of caliber and so this is very important pillar to sustain married life $50,000 on the Astrology in Hyderabad of love without filters and cannot get no and this is very very important so first of all so denote some very important things sixth Astrology in Hyderabad is theAstrology in Hyderabad of Nadi Astrology so safe Astrology in Hyderabad gives a lot of Nadi Astrology especially if not well placed well not well positioned six thousand also Astrology in Hyderabad of maternal relatives especially your mama your mother's brother six thousand also theAstrology in Hyderabad of enemy but this is about the sick.

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So now let me talk about 7,000 7,000 is the Astrology in Hyderabad of life partner so in a male chart a triplet and swipe and in female chart it represents husband in a business term it also represent a general partner so if you do not have a good 7,000 you will not be able to do a partnership business all you will not be able to be in partnership this also represent a general married life so if 7000 not good either you will not be able to get married or even if you are able to get married it will not appear my happy married life or it will represent diverse and separate 8,000 is the second most negative Astrology in Hyderabad in astrology after safe Astrology in Hyderabad so then we have talked about 8,000 general danger so of sorrow minor trouble and quite a few negative things so even when it falls is activated we can see sorrow mental pain proper scandals till review so we need to be keep good check also write down this feature so whatever things happen it happens suddenly right so this Astrology in Hyderabad played an important turning 9000 represents father it is also Astrology in Hyderabad of general religious and spiritual inclination.

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How will you activate your houses in Nadi Astrology ?

So if you have to bring planning to go for different thumbs or wonderful then your mindAstrology in Hyderabad must be activated 9000 also a general Astrology in Hyderabad for good work social world 10thAstrology in Hyderabad which is a Nadi Predictions a kindred Astrology in Hyderabad came Astrology in Hyderabad of the 1 4 7 and 10 these are the four most important of the vulture and 10,000 the last Online Nadi Astrology of our current Astrology in Hyderabad in a birth chart 10 houses profit in my view so how you were that is told by 10,000 temples also shows fame and honor in general so if you do not have a good ten thousand you will not get fame you will not get donor even if you have work will tell us you're still alone in that regard and those become very important 11,000 is the Astrology in Hyderabad of Nadi Predictions overall Nadi Predictions and happiness.

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I would not say happy as another fulfill or fill fulfillment of desire may be the right word so Nadi Predictions and fulfillment of desire these are the two important aspect of and if we can aim a Nadi Predictions any profit is reflected back 11 and when that is the reason in term in financial terms 11,000 becomes very important and the last Astrology in Hyderabad is 12,000 which we generally aNadi Predictions a negative Astrology in Hyderabad like six thousand a thousand and it shows the loss which shows bondage it shows jail and it shows hidden enemies so quite a few negative things so people who lives in isolation generally have wealth Astrology in Hyderabad activity in jail in hospital and so on if we if you are not able to earn well than 12,000 activated so this is about

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