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Predict job for predict health and so on and has projects they'll also benefit and they'll benefit in a way that they will improve their predictive skills they are already using some system and with the addition of Nadi Astrology Centre in their pity they'll be able to predict better there are many systems in astrology many systems you would already know some you would have heard like KP Taji gay

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Western Lolita Paris re and so on there are so many systems and among these KP is considered easy to apply simple and accurate so among these system ki p has advantage and Sivanadi Astrology generally say that Nadi Astrology Centre is more suited for 21st century person who cannot remember so many tropes and the one who wants a systematic approach when will one get married when will one get job when it will rain today when will power resume these are some important questions of our daily life

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Nadi Astrology Centre is an excellent system to answer such questions if somebody will tell you that you will get married and so on so date precise is the date you will get married on such a date or suppose your child is born out of school and somebody tells you that the child will return at x ry minute and z ii precisely up to the second you will be surprised oh we will say that if this is some kind of a miracle but that is the beauty

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Nadi Astrology Centre and after five minutes you will be able to do it yourself we will be able to predict yourself with such accuracy people will charge thousands of rupees to tell this to you and still they not tell you the rule they'll only tell you the modified and corrupted version the true version is going to be revealed in front of you today the true Nadi Astrology Centre and there too in a language

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Language Sivanadi Astrology am happy that Sivanadi Astrology am able to bring this episode with the help of estrous HTV so what we are waiting for let's begin Nadi Astrology Centre is very easy probably the easiest among the system that Sivanadi Astrology name the year very and Sivanadi Astrology have made five principles which summarize Nadi Astrology Centre and Sivanadi Astrology will tell you these principles to you today with these five principles you will be able to predict all event of your life your friend's life your family members life and here are those five rules these rules are very important so listen carefully rule number

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Nadi Jothidam also gives the result of its mature Nadi Astrology this is the rule number one rule number two 12 out from any Online Nadi Astrology negate the results of that Online Nadi Astrology so if tenth Online Nadi Astrology is the Online Nadi Astrology of drop then ninth Online Nadi Astrology being the twelve from the ten is going to endure the prospect of the God is going to create problems in the job rule number three all the results are decided by not a single Online Nadi Astrology but a group of Online Nadi Astrology rule number four sub Nadi Astrology of a Nadi Jothidam qualify is the result of that Nadi Jothidam without the permission

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Nadi Astrology no Nadi Jothidam can give results no Nadi Jothidam can give its own results and the last fifth rule is Gospels of Nadi Astrology tells you whether the event is promised or not in a birth in a child so this is the rule number five these are the five rules with the you will be able to predict accurate and once you understand this you are done your learned KT system now you can go back and predict with accuracy everything marriage job etc we will say that's it only five rules and you're saying Sivanadi Astrology learned Nadi Astrology Centre

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Nadi Astrology Centre you will not only be able to predict marriage job but all events major or minor of your life so you are done you learnt it now let me explain each rule with some example which will make it easy to understand Sivanadi Astrology am taking a divorce case as an example this is a chart of a person born on 10th of October 1976 2:30 a.m. in Calcutta you can see the chart on the string now let me explain and let me start with the rule number five what was the rule rule is that Gospels of Nadi Astrology else whether the event is promised or not in astrology seventh Online Nadi Astrology is the primary Online Nadi Astrology of marriage

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gospel of Nadi Astrology is set you can see that and this Astrology is situated in 12 Online Nadi Astrology what is the twelfth Online Nadi Astrology this is it is the Online Nadi Astrology of isolation it is the Online Nadi Astrology of separation it is how 2,000 etcetera Satan also owns sixth Online Nadi Astrology in this chart which is the Online Nadi Astrology of separation in divorce why why is the sixth Online Nadi Astrology a Online Nadi Astrology for divorce and separated the answer lies in the rule number ii remember that what was the rule the rule was twelfth Online Nadi Astrology from any Online Nadi Astrology we negate the result of that Online Nadi Astrology seven thousand Eric

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Marriage divorce separation etcetera so sixth Online Nadi Astrology b12 from seven negates nullifies all the results of the seven thousand this is an important rule and we must always remember that coming back to the question of promise what is promised in the birth chart and what is not now it is very clear that the chart shows promise of divers because crystals of Nadi Astrology

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The person is divorced but this also proves very clearly from the birth you would ask that you are talking about promises of divorce what about the promises of marriage was married promise in this chart at all how he got married at very first place and now the rule number one comes into the picture what was the rule number one remember that the rule

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