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In Our Nadi Astrology Centre Our Guruju A Siva Guru Swamy tells about learning astrology and what you should not be and I also talked about planets and zodiac signs there are total nine planets and twelve signs it is important you remember the name of the signs and their sequence why because in North Indian chart you will see a number one two three four five six seven eight and that number represents the name of the sign for example in any box if it is written Sun and then it is written for it means that fun is there situated in fourth sign and you should be able to understand which one is this fourth sign.

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if you recall from the last episode first is 80's second is Online Nadi Astrology third is Nadi Astrology Centre and fourth is cancer so forth one is cancer just to refresh your memory I am also telling remaining science fifth is Leo sixth is Nadi Jothidam seventh is Libra eight to the Nadi Centre 90 sachet areas 10th is Capricorn eleventh is Aquarius and fell to spices so these are the twelve signs and you need to remember the name as well as the sequence or the number so if I ask which one is the sixth sign you should be able to tell that sixteen is Nadi Jothidam it is very important okay now every sign has a owner or Lord of the sign based on the characteristic of that sign.

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For example it is the first sign of the zodiac is having marks at the owner it is a bit difficult and there is a little bit of learning involved here so to understand it let me explain you of it first sign is Leo and Leo represent Lion son which is the Predictions of the solar system it is said that he came first and then he took ownership of Lauren or the Leo lion sign because both are Predictions then the moon which is the next planet moon is the queen in astrology so moon came and then moon taken ownership of the next sign close to Leo which is cancer so fourth sign is owned by moon and fifth sign is owned by Sun which is Leo now mercury came in and mercury occupied two adjacent signs so before fourth which is the third birth third Nadi Astrology Centre is owned by mercury and after Leo which is the sixth sign again owned by mercury.

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So third sign Nadi Astrology Centre and sixteen Nadi Jothidam or then owned by mercury and mercury took the ownership now came the Nadi Centre and then Nadi Centre occupied next two signs which is before Nadi Astrology Centre which is Online Nadi Astrology and the next two Nadi Jothidam which is Libra so Libra and the Online Nadi Astrology is owned by Nadi Centre and then came mass Mars on the work one sign before Nadi Centre which is one sign before Online Nadi Astrology Therese and then one sign after Libra which is Nadi Centre so after Nadi Centre it is mass turned so Mars occupied Aries and Nadi Centre then Jupiter and Saturn they certain to ownership of Aquarius and Capricorn and then Jupiter took ownership of Sagittarius and Pisces.

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What are the twelve signs in Nadi Astrology in Barbados ?

So these twelve signs are owned by seven planet Rahu and Ketu they have not given any ownership and they are left out because they are shadow planets so seven planets owning total twelve sign Sun and Moon own just one single sign whereas remaining five planets own to to sign each I am just repeating so that you can remember.

How does the Aries in Nadi Astrology owned by Mars through Nadi Astrologers Predictions

Aries is owned by Mars as well as a Nadi Centre is owned by Mars first in the eighth sign owned by Mars Online Nadi Astrology and Libra which is the sign number two and the sign number seven owned by Nadi Centre then the sign number third which is Nadi Astrology Centre and sign number six which is Nadi Jothidam just these are owned by mercury the bull then the sign number fourth which is cancer is owned by moon sign number fifth which is Leo is owned by Sun sign number ninth and find number 12 which is Sagittarius and Pisces are owned by Jupiter and time number 10 and sign number 11 which is Capricorn and Aquarius are owned by Saturn.

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