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Our Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy kept sharing my knowledge offline as well as online Swift readings the last 30+years and this Nadi Centre Astrologer has given me opportunity to share my knowledge even in front of camera I have already written a series of articles which is available on a calm and a stroke am calm you can go and refer there the series is available in Indian English.

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His is going to be an extension to that and if you have any question you can come to our Vedic Astrology Swift reading sum on facebook and ask questions related to this learning astrology is not very difficult I must say this is easy like any other Jothiadam only thing is that you need to Nadi Predictions a proper guidance or you need to have a right guru or teacher teaching you telling you what is right and what is wrong in this word Nadi Predictionsting a good astrology teacher is not easy why first of all in any Jothiadam Nadi Predictions guru is not easy.

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Astrology there are 99% astrologers of faith they themselves don't understand astrology Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh how come they tell you and they teach you they cannot Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh I hope in that sense our Nadi Centre video is going to help you and even if you Nadi Predictions a guru or teacher the Guru and it teaches you astrology in such a complicated manner that very difficult to understand Swift readings example a teacher will tell you by our abode or right ascension Meridian and all those terminology.

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Then you will find yourself in very difficult position you will think whether you are learning astrology or you are learning high school mathematics and you were run away second day Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh in this series we will be taking mathematical portion later and focus more on the predictive side Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh that you can learn predicting a future predicting past rather than all those complex mathematical terms trigonometry and calculus which you left behind in 10th standard and I don't want that coming back to haunt you once again and I want you to focus on the predictive part while learning astrology there are few points you must.

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Keep in mind strictly first of all I try to learn in a step-by-step fashionLive Reading snot jump Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh what I am Telling You just focus on that try to assimilate that and if youLive Readings Not understand you ask question rather than moving Swift readingsward second thing and which is very important and I see people especially after the internet a mistaken on that isLive Readings Not read a lot restrict your reading there are all Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh of epsilon s trilogy books available.

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In market useless and price you need to throw them away I have written an article on my blog on that but the point is the more you read more confuse you become Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh stick to one series stick to one tutorial rather than restrictive reading too many things everywhere that will confuse you and third you try to understand terminology both in English language and Hindi subscript because these are in astrology used interchangeably Swift readings example in English it is is the sign in Hindi or Sanskrit it may be mesh Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh you need to understand both the terminologies Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh that youLive Readings Not Nadi Predictions confused try to keep notes in here in India is valid in English at least as far as terminology is concerned now this is the basic few things you need to keep in mind and I now be telling you the planets and the science I will not be going into the detail because I will take take it to the next epiOnline Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh which is going to be the next Monday.

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But this week I will be telling you planets and very basic but there are total mine planets and there are total 12 sign and these are the basic of astrology planets our Sun Moon Mars mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu and Ketu in a strict sense neither Sun and Moon our planet in the Western astronomy term nor Rahu and Ketu Sun is the star moon is the satellite of Earth and Rahu and Ketu are the two interaction points mathematically speaking but in astrology these nine are the planets or my mistake garage in astrology and these are the bodies which influenced most to us and very important Swift readings predictive astrology a Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh it Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh called Ravi moon is Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh called Chandra Mars is called Mangal or pooja mercury is both Jupiter is guru or has Venus is shook Saturn is shiny and Rahu Ketu are generally in western astrology called North node and Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh node .

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What are the nine planets in Nadi Astrology said by Nadi Astrologers ?

Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh these are the nine planets and I said earlier it is important you Leaf readings the name both in English in India just to give you a wider text Rita fighter text now the we are talking about twelve signs these nine planets revolve in heaven on an imaginary bend which is called zodiac in astrology Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh these and this zodiac is more of a two dimensional plane or two dimensional projection of three dimensional universe and all plant planets revolve around that zodiac.

What is Nadi Astrology or Nadi Jothidam in Bangladesh which people refer to the most ?

Mathematics we say that sun pulls any circle is of 360 degree and if we divide this circle of 360 degree in twelve equal parts each part is called sign or a Russian Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh there are total twelve signs from Aries to Pisces or from May to mean and we need to Leaf readings the name of this sign and Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh their Lord Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh first sign is Aries which is made second is Taurus which is rishabh or brush-up third is Gemini now or the myth on 4th is cancer which is Kirk or kirkut fifth is Leo which is same 76 is Tania or Virgo seventh is to LA which is Libra eighth this Scorpio which is Ritchie ninety secretaries which is a the new ten this carry Swift readings more mother eleventh is Aquarius or whom and last one is spices or means Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh these are the twelve zodiac signs which we need to Leaf readings I will Online Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh be telling in the next epiOnline Nadi Astrology in Bangladesh about their lordship which planets on which sign.

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