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Online Naadi Astrology seeing demand of English astrology Nadi Astrology Astrologers am happy to bring it Nadi Centre in this course we will focus on predictions and not calculations for calculations and making free birth chart you can go to as presage cloud at astrocytes cloud is very comprehensive.

Naadi Astrologers in Bangalore | Naadi Astrologer in Bangalore | Naadi Josiyam in Bangalore

Astrology software and you will get all astrological calculations there coming back to astrology whole astrology is based on nine Shivanaadi Astrology 12 signs 27 nakshatra or constellations and 12 Nadi Jothidam the basis of all predictions is the relation of all these factors with each other let's start with understanding Shivanaadi Astrology there are nine Shivanaadi Astrology.

Naadi Sastra in Bangalore | Naadi Jothida in Bangalore | Naadi Joshiya in Bangalore

Here Astrologers am telling the names of Shivanaadi Astrology in sanskrit as well apart from English even if we are learning astrology Nadi Centre knowing Hindi and sanskrit names will prove helpful going forward so try to memorize these names in sanskrit as well first planet is Sun Sun is known as surah or Ravi in Sanskrit second is moon known as Chandra in Sanskrit.

Naadi Astrology Centre in Bangalore | Naadi Jothidam Centre in Bangalore | Naadi Joshiyam Centre in India

Third is Mars known as Mangal or palm in Sanskrit in South Bangalore it is also known as pooja fourth is mercury or Buddha in Sanskrit fifth one is Jupiter guru or perhaps both in Sanskrit 6th Venus that is shukran Sanskrit seventh being Saturn and it is called Shannon Sanskrit.

Naadi Astrology in Bangalore | Naadi Jothidam in Bangalore | Naadi Joshiyam in Bangalore

Eight is North node and Rahu in Sanskrit last being South node which is four key to in some strip in Sanskrit correct word is Grove which is roughly translated to planet in grah means that influences you can see that this definition is not based on the revolution around Sun which is taught in his fools.

Online Nadi Astrology in Bangalore | Online Nadi Jothidam in Bangalore | Online Nadi Joshiyam in Bangalore


What is modern Joshiyam in Nadi Astrology ?

Nowadays and hence should not be confused astrological meaning of planet is different from the astronomical definition according to modern Joshiyam

What is sun regarding in Nadi Astrology in Bangalore ?

Sun is considered as star and not planet moon is satellite and Rahu Ketu are mathematical nodes we can say as per Vedic Astrology Sun Moon Rahu Ketu all these are grahas because they influences this is all Astrologers have for today Online Naadi Astrology

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