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According to Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy, Astrology is not a Joshiyam method of Indian Astrology if you are thinking that my doing Nadi Astrology you are going to get snap Predictions then no that is not the correct understanding of Nadi Astrology because there are many Bangalores on the internet and in different Bangalores you may get a wrong understanding of Nadi Astrology Nadi Astrology is a different system of Prediction it is very Shastra Indian in nature its application its Jothidam everything is very Indian in practice so kelpy Astrology.

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Another form of Indian Astrology within the branch of stellar Astrology but Nadi Astrology is not a Joshiyam method secondly Nadi Astrology is not a mathematical formula so many astrologers I have met who think that Nadi Astrology is a mathematical formula just like a plus B whole square are merely two plus two is equal to four no just like any other forms of Astrology you will have to apply your learnt concepts you will have to apply the common sense of stonagal and Jyothish which means the Bangalore the time and the native about who you are making a judgment and offering your tradition so Nadi Astrology is a system of Prediction it's a very unique system of Prediction it's a very beautiful system of Prediction which you will learn in this foundation Bangalore Astrology Reading in the advanced Bangalore Astrology Reading and the professional Bangalore Astrology Reading so Nadi Astrology is not a Joshiyam method it is not a mathematical formula.

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Nadi Astrology is not a and the Vedic method of Astrology so many people are under the wrong impression that the inventor of this technique late professor Goethe Tsuburaya under Krishnamurti KS Krishnamurti earth is shot as we always call it Guji kask he was not a Anti Vedic Astrology man he was Shastra a Vedic Astrology man in fact I have given references in your study material that he himself had used a lot of Vedic references during his Prediction the journal for advancement of stellar Astrology of which I am the editor I have been publishing for so many number of months and years the original writing of KS Krishnamurti in the Astrology and attritional magazine I have been giving the scanned portion of those in the journal for advancement of stellar Astrology you would have noticed in those journal if you are reading the journal very good.

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I will strongly recommend you that you read the journal for advancement of stellar Astrology and then you will find that Nadi Astrology also takes into account some of the Vedic concepts not only that Nadi Astrology ultimately uses the nine planets the twelve rushes are the science the twelve powers of the houses and the twenty-seven constellations of the moon and as further subdivided these twenty-seven constellations of the form into 249 subdivisions which will be later in this Astrology Reading and we will understand how beautifully it can be applied so please do not remain under any misconception from any source at all that capias knowledge is a Joshiyam method it's a mathematical formula it is an antibiotic method not at all it's just a different and beautiful system of Prediction so now the question which is coming in your mind is how therefore is Nadi Astrology different from the Indian system of Vedic Astrology.

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I have already explained that in chapter 4 of your study material so let me just give you the quick references here first of all Nadi Astrology is different from Vedic Astrology in terms of the very full scope that it uses Nadi Astrology uses a Western system of horoscope which is based on the Placidus house division in the Vedic Astrology does not use it in the Vedic Astrology primarily uses the equal house division method or the sweeper capacity but Nadi Astrology will use the Placidus house division secondly in Nadi Astrology the ayah now sure that we use is only an only Nadi i adoption and it is the Nadi mu o on an option as you have seen during the default settings in the Astrology software it is only the Nadi nioi option which came into force from 1993 that is used extensively by sincere.

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Nadi astrologers thirdly Nadi Astrology is different from Vedic Astrology in the manner in which it arrives at the Prediction Nadi Astrology does not use any kind of Estela or any kind of sriracha burger it does not use any of the amateurs like the shamsher Chris Hampshire or Sri Lanka or navamsha it does not use these kind of charts but there is a great deal of overlap between Nadi Astrology and Vedic Astrology just like Vedic Astrology.

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What Nadi Astrology says about Char System ?

Nadi Astrology also uses will be shorter in the char system it uses the nine planets uses the twelve houses that when Russia's and all these are very similar to Vedic Astrology TLP Astrology is different from Vedic Astrology in terms of the manner in which the planets are explained in the QP Astrology the planet is explained not from the position where it is sitting or not the position where it is occupied but the star which is assumed by this planet the star which is occupied by this planet.

How does the Star Lord of planets are written on Nadi Astrology in Bangalore ?

The house ownership which is the house occupancy of this star Lord of a particular planet that is a fundamental block of Nadi Astrology so Nadi Astrology and Vedic Astrology are two parallel roads they don't cross each other and there is no enemy between the two I have seen so many Vedic Astrology who decry kelpy Astrology I have seen so many Nadi astrologers who decried Vedic Astrology but both are twin brothers both are two different roads that lead to the ultimate supreme soul you

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