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So Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy wanted to share a little bit about him own journey with the palm leaves and what motivates me to assist others to find their palm leave and have our family feeding so i have heard about the Astrology Centre libraries many many years ago and actually went to visit the first family library about 12 years ago in india so when i visited him first library in delhi i was very touched by the entire process although they didn't even find him leaf but i could really feel that the whole process and the people and the place was very authentic and genuine and that which really touched me and then many years later when i was in germany in kind of a confused period of him life.

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One morning i woke up and before i was even fully awake it was like the palm leaves i remembered it very clearly and i felt such a strong calling to search for him own palm leave and was still half asleep i googled and i found someone who's doing the same work like i do now assisting other people to find their palm life i made an appointment and very soon afterwards i actually ended up sitting in him car in front of while i had him first Astrology Centre reading and i went which was very profound very touching i was very very grateful for that and i went straight from the reading into 10 days of silence.

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Where i had plenty of time to contemplate upon it to integrate and digest the information but also to feel into the entire process and that's when i understood that it was not just about receiving information but even more important it was about opening up to a timeless blessing of the rishis the authors of the palm leaves to those masters those realized beings so out of their great compassion are here to help us and that the Astrology Centre readings are just like a tool that makes us open up to the blessing but that there's far more happening in the background on an energetic level so when we have a Astrology Centre reading we actually connecting with those masters with the rishis we're opening up to their blessing and when we apply the remedies the recommended practices to clean and transform karma.

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That's when we can really see very tangible effects in our life over a period of a few months i started to apply these remedies i did the pujas the prayers that were recommended to me and you could really see how everyday him inner reality was shifting i became more and more centered i felt like a sense of clarity of direction that i didn't have before and then all of a sudden also on the outside him life started to shift and when i looked at myself and him life in the end of the the remedy period which took about five or six months compared to when i had the reading everything had shifted in him life i felt much more clear centered stable also connected with him own inner light and also connected with this dimension.

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What did the sages of Nadi Astrology blessing do to us ?

All of the master sages blessing us guiding us and also on the outside everything in him life had shifted for the better literally him physical body him relationships him sense of purpose him work him surroundings him friendships him community everything had improved by far and that's when i realized that there lies such an immense power in the Astrology Centre reading that's far beyond just receiving information about the future for our life but it's literally a timeless blessing that's here waiting for us to be received.

What are the challenges faced by Nadi Astrologers in Bahrain

Especially in these very challenging times that the world in total and many of us as individuals are going through and that's him motivation to assist others in their journey with the palm leaves is to open up to this dimension of the masters to receive their blessings.

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