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Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy, Nadi Astrologers just through many different people here who had their reading and people that i love and that i trust and then it really sparked again this inspiration in me to discover more yeah it was very interesting um like very surreal to have these two like men in india like with all these palm leaves and like kind of channeling.

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Nadi Astrology Centre through the Nadi Astrology and yeah it was a it was a lot of Nadi Astrology Centre it's very intense and i felt that they were interpreting it for my Nadi Predictions well yeah it was just very surreal that like a very out of body experience almost like to have them ask you these questions and to go through these different leaves and and and figure out like what's not yours and i almost think that didn't think that they would find my Nadi Astrology.

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Because we went through so many of them and when they did it was like so Nadi Centre to to like literally see on a physical Nadi Astrology like me as an incarnation this idea of destiny or like the Nadi Astrology Bahamas that were already like i was existing in this Nadi Astrology Nadi Jyothisham i was even born into this body and blessed with this life and with this Nadi Astrology Bahamas and with the gift of yeah purifying.

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Some scars i have left like through the help of the rishis um yeah he was very strange it's very emotional moment they go through like periods of i think around three years and they give you Nadi Astrology Centre about your life every three years um from this point onwards yeah it gave me some kind of sense of ease also a feeling of like ordinariness like life is um life kind of looks the same in some way like for everybody just with different variations and nuances and there's always challenges and blessings that come our way but i think it's more.

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So the Nadi Astrology Centre is not something that i'm supposed to use necessarily now more so the Online Nadi Jothidam and the predictions are like maybe um i don't know i receive it as just a blessing for the life that i have now and that i will have in the future and not something so much i need to act upon um rather maybe like when i'm 60 or something to look back and and to see you know how it all unfolded oh yeah i felt like it all made a lot of sense when i compared to astrology or my own like interpretation of my own personality and my own difficulties in life so yeah it was just like hearing a confirmation of intuitions that i or other people have had already i really love like connecting to Online Nadi Astrology.

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Different forms of manifestation of forms of like consciousness and and chanting mantras and um it's it feels very relatable the way in which they the the Nadi Astrology or the rishis like knew what your medicine would be basically and which Online Nadi Astrology are there to to guide you and support you and um yeah they're very doable like manageable Nadi Joshiyam as well a lot of manageable Online Nadi Jothidam so um not too like overwhelming but also i i enjoy that it's also going to be for the long term it's not just a one-time thing but it's a relationship that you develop with these different energies um and i feel i just started recently but that there's a lot of potential to go deeper and deeper.

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What makes you connect to the people ?

In developing Astrology relationship and seeing how this also manifests within the physical realm within my life a lot of people have asked me about it or rather i've already shared about about it because yeah it's just um it's a very special thing that's even very difficult for the mind to grasp almost impossible i feel and so it's like if this is a gift that these the rishis have like written down so many so many years ago.

Did anything happen after Nadi Astrologers read the Palm Leaves ?

As written on the leaves Nadi Astrology well it's out of my control like almost everything um so yeah i just share from the heart that it was something that i'm still integrating today and that i think i will for a very long time and something that i'm very grateful for and i hope that for whoever you know whoever's time it is they will also receive this gift.

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