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The Present Our Guruji A Siva Guru Swamy has the ancient texts of India were written and preserved on delicate palm leaves these palm leaf manuscripts can last for hundreds of years if they are cared for and maintained properly India is on the brink of a severe catastrophe as millions of these manuscripts begin to deteriorate some scholars in India are making a great effort to preserve these texts but the possibility looms that the world could lose an enormous amount of classical literature and Online Nadi Astrology knowledge.

Nadi Astrology in Austria | Nadi Jothidam in Austria | Nadi Jothidam in Austria

If these ancient manuscripts are allowed to turn to dust very year this oriental assumption should people go around to rural areas and try to collect manuscripts and now the rough estimate is in the public in the private hands there could be more than 10 million manuscripts the tragedy is a very year certain amount of manuscripts are becoming powder.

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We have no choice but to throw it out so that is the tragic situation today but we don't know how to solve it there are desperate efforts underway to preserve these manuscripts and all available forms of technology are being used to deal with this grave situation professor Lakshmi Terre char is the head of the Siva Nadi foundation and he is actively engaged in the preservation of ancient manuscripts incidentally.

Palm Leaf Astrology in Austria | Palm Leaf Jothidam in Austria | Palm Leaf Jothidam in Austria

I wanna mention something about Siva Nadi which is trying to do this type of work it is collecting enormous amount of information available all over the world with regard to mine scripts and Online Nadi Astrology and also texts which are printed on Online Nadi Astrology how they be made yourself first somebody has to decipher it deciphering is a big problem because they are written in different scripts to transcribe and edit by that particular mass.

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It will take 2 years 1 million man scripts are Online Nadi Astrology are available maybe a littleNadi Jothidamhow many many else it will take to edit this transcript this properly at the end of Kali Yuga I'll be able to do this I suppose so this is a digital repository of manuscripts and books on Online Nadi Astrology and you also have facility to actually deal with what we call the life cycle of man's lips so when you come up there across a family friends crypt immediately we digitize it to preserve it for posterity.

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After preserving we actually decipher it after deciphering we edited after editing we translated ultimately reviewed and published so separate programs are available separate projects have been written and what type of software programs are required that also haven't text-to-speech program is necessary Nadi Prediction program is necessary what is Asya optical character recognition there has to be concrete sustained efforts despite the red tape ISM.

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What are the problems if Nadi Jothidam maintain the Palm Leaf properly ?

So many other problems period in Damascus generally are maintained in a very bad manner generally because the persons were the helm of affairs in those repositories they don't know the value of those metrics.

What is your concern to preserve Palm Leaf Manuscripts for Nadi Astrologers ?

So my only concern is how to preserve these manuscripts and give them to posterity and there may be one person in Austria. Who may become a great yogi after two year after ten years up to ten years probably he may require this particular book and the idea should Nadi Jothidamsay no we don't have the proper he lost it.

How to preserve Palm Leaf in Austria ?

It has become fodder they have thrown it to the reverse so what you have to do is how to preserve it it is the wealth of the whole world Nadi Jothidam of India now Online Nadi Astrology has become the property of the whole world's Nadi Jothidam of India if that is the case the vehicles namely this mask which carries so much of information about Online Nadi Astrology should they be destroyed should we Nadi Jothidam take care of them.

Do the world is interesting to preserve the Palm Leaf for Nadi Astrology

If the whole world is interested in preserving the yogic tradition and also the textbooks that are available the world should come forward to help people like Those Online Nadi Jothidam who can do some work already make over a ton of money.

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