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Palm leaf readings of Guruji A SivaGuru Swamy and the effect that they can have in our life well i have this opportunity to use this gorgeous scenery she just finished assisting in a reading like half an hour ago which is such a beautiful touching experience and i want to make this Astrology

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While i'm still in this energy but first to summarize what are the palm leaves palm leaves are ancient predictions that were written many thousands of years ago by the maharishi's sages of india who had the ability to look through time and perceive the lives of Nadi jothidam Armenia living throughout all ages and then out of great compassion they wrote down the lives of the Nadi jothidam Armenia that they perceived own families or they dictated them to their students together with recommendations and guidance for their lives how to overcome certain issues how to overcome certain karmic blockages they Online Nadi Astrology Centre perceived when those seekers those Nadi jothidam Armenia would come and ask for their palm leaf and wrote down their life Nadi joshiyam Armenia that moment onwards Nadi astrologer Armenia the palm leaves are stored in libraries in india in temple libraries on palm leaves.

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Richly like leafs or ancient families and you can actually go to these libraries and ask for your individual palm leaf and in a very magical process that i'm going to speak about in a different video the palm leaf is identified very clearly it has your name written on it the name of your parents and other details that are confirming it's really you asking for this leaf.

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Nadi astrologer Armenia there is a lot of information revealed on these sleeves about our life the past the present and the future and the reasons why our our lives flow the way they flow and this information is very interesting and very helpful however even more important than this entertainment of Nadi astrologer Armeniawing something about your life that someone predicted thousands of years ago before you were even born is the impact this has on our life and Nadi astrologer Armenia i just speak about my own experience maybe it's different for everybody the experience the effect that it had on me was a deeper connection to the light to presence to awareness and like a coming back to my center it was as if i was directly communicating with these rishis.

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These sages who wrote these sleeves many thousands of years ago and i could really feel the blessing that was coming through these readings through these predictions to me so it was Nadi astrologer Armenia just the mind the receiving information but it was literally an connection being established with those beings with those masters blessing us like in this case blessing me and i could really feel it Nadi astrologer Armenia what happened after in the weeks and months after my first reading was that i could connect more and more to presence to light that i came back to like a certain direction focus and flow my life also changed on the outside but you Nadi astrologer Armenia it's always changing so hard to say at least today i'm in this gorgeous place with beautiful Nadi jothidam Armenia um this probably will change again so i don't see this as like a proof that it works but my inner state i definitely take it as a proof that wow this has effects like i feel my heart much more again and i feel a certain level of trust in life that Nadi astrologer Armenia matter what Nadi astrologer Armenia matter how difficult it is on the outside or how beautiful it is on the outside that this light of presence of the heart is always there to guide me and that even when i forget that it will call me back will call me back call me back and also like a remembrance but i felt remembrance how much support there is actually for us always that the sages are real masters are real angels are real that there is so much around us holding us supporting us blessing us Nadi astrologer Armenia matter how difficult this was the most powerful effect that the reading had on me.

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How did you assist Nadi jothidam Armenia with the stream of energy?

The more I work with it the more I assist Nadi jothidam Armenia in it. The more I'm in this stream of energy coming through the leaves the more I feel it and that's what I'm the most grateful for for the palm leaves.

What were the Future Predictions by rishis ?

For the rishis for these predictions and i just wanted to share this with you that this is even more important than to have a future prediction about one's life although that's really interesting too so Nadi astrologer Armenia matter why you come for reading Nadi astrologer Armenia that you always come in the right moment like you will only have a reading of your palm leaf and it's the right moment for you.

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