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In Andorra Nadi astrology, there's a lot of mess created around this term Nadi astrology or Nadi Joshiya somebody will say that this is a system of astrology system which is based on transit somebody else will say, 'no', this is an astrological system but this is based on Olai Chuvadi astrology i.e.nakshatras some other will say especially people from south india that is is an astrology based on the thumb print then another one will come and say soany astrology that uses palm leaves that is nadi astrology so there is too much confusion i'll explain what exnadi astrologerly is nadi astrology this is important for everyone especially astrology students, because they need to understand the definition no every concept, so before that i want to talk about the story ofblind men and elephant you would have heard about that story and if not, let me explain you.

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let me tell you six blind men they were asked to go and check how exnadi astrologerly does elephant look like because they could not seeso they used their power of touching and then they decided how exnadi astrologerly elephant look like the first blind man who touched the leg of the elephant he said and he explained that elephant looks like a pillar elephant looks exnadi astrologerly like a pillar the other one who touched the tail of the elephant he said that elephant looks like ropes for him elephant was a rope for first one it was a pillar rather interesting

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The one who touched the trunk of the elephant he said that it isa tree branches for him who touched the trunk, for him elephant was like a tree branch and the one who touched the ear of the elephant he said and the one who buried at the end of the evening for me and it looks like... like a fan ... like a hand fans for him elephant was nothing but a hand fan and the one who touched the belly ... the bally of the elephanthe said thatelephantis like a walland for the one who touched the tusk of the elephant he said that elephant is like a pipe and obviously because they are taking part of the elephant .. they are touching part of the elephant there was a fight one would say no it was pipe it was like a pipe, I have seen it.

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The other one would say no it is like a rope i know it, i have felt it, this is my direct experience this is the state of astrologers and astrology studentsnow a day for them nadi astrology is all these parts nobody wants to see the whole picture now the story is complete and now you understand what did the mess around it let me tell you what exnadi astrologerly is nadi astrology nadi astrology and this is very important nadi astrology is a process astrological process and when I say process comprises quite a few things first it comprises few systems so nadi astrology can use few systems and it is up to the nadi astrology to decide for particular nadi which system to use nadi astrology also comprises three roles on the nadi writernadi writer is the one who writes nadiad this nadi writer writes nadiin advanceit is like batch process he writes predictions for hundreds of horoscopes ... for hundreds of people the write this bunch of of predictions and then because he writes large number of predictions.

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He also needs some technique to index so the Nadi Astrologer also uses the indexing technique which is also part of this astrological processes the nadiis written based on certain systems using certain indexing techniques maid reader reads it in front of the client who is visiting him so the three roles arenadi writer who is writing the prediction and then Nadi Astrology reader who Nadi Astrologer ally reads it when the client visits him and apart from the system and these three roles there is indexing technique involved so that nadi reader can search the nadiso there are hundreds or thousands or millions of predictions written and nadi reader needs to find out ex nadi astrologer prediction for the client and for that he needs to use that indexing techniques this exnadi astrologerly .. this astrological process which is where few systems of astrology are involved nadi reader, nadi writer and the client involved .. three roles and one indexing techniques to index this nadi astrologer is called nadi astrology so we talked about the three roles we talked about the system and now let me explain you what nadi astrologer is this indexing technique nadi astrology uses different indexing techniques and it is up to thenadi writer on the one who is writing to decide which indexing technique.

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He has to use one nadi writer may use thumb impression as a indexing techniques he knows how to use thumb impressions to categorize and classify those lots of predictions he has written so he use thumb impression for that there are some other nadisthey will use nadi-ansha also called nadi-amsas this nadi amsa, these are one fifty divisions of a sign very minute division and that nadi amsa or nadi-ansha is used to define and classify that large number of predictions that has been written some other nadi astrologers do use size of the shadow or different different techniques for example, in chandra kala nadi you will find usage of nadi amsa and lots of other nadi as welland some nadi will use thumb print for example agastya nadi they will use thumb impression then there are certain other nadilike bhrigu nadi it uses the year or chronological transit order for indexing so this was the last part of the definition of astrological process which is called nadi astrology nadi astrology comprises some systems ... some systems of astrology have three roles ... the nadi writer, nadi reader and the client and finally an indexing technique in the last hundred years there came many astrologers who did not understand this definition ... this very definition of nadi astrology and then they created and I would say started creating mess around this astrological process they started calling their system or what they found from nadi astrology the system they found from nadi astrology as the nadi astrology itself which is technically incorrect you cannot call a system nadi astrology because nadi astrology is not a system it is a process system is part of nadi astrology so you can say that I use principles of chandra kala nadi both the terms are important.

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What Is the Principle of Nadi ?

Principle word is important and the principle of which nadi which tree of nadi you are using both things are important, so you can say that I used principles of chandra kala nadi use principles of dhruva nadi in my predictions for example satya jathakam is a text which talks about what are the principles that has been used while writing dhruva nadiso satya jatakam or jataka satyacharya.

What is Jataka Satyacharya in Nadi Astrology or Nadi Jothidam?

It is also call jataka satyacharya is telling you the principles that has been used in dhruva nadi but it can not be called any system can not be called nadi astrology which is what I said is technically incorrect for something to be called nadi astrology there needs to be few systems few indexing processes .. at least one indexing process and three roles nadi writer, nadi reader and the client and nadi writer writing predictions in advance, as a batch process then only it can be called nadi astrology nadi astrology uses astrological system uses indexing technique uses certain roles .. certain roles are part of nadi astrology but individually this can not be called nadi astrology that is the reason I told you the story of six blind men and the elephant nowadays the astrologers astrology students now becoming part of that thing they think that the individual thing ... the system, the process, the thumb impression the palm leaves that in nadi astrologer nadi astrology which is not so now i hope you understand what nadi astrologer is nadi astrology now I hope that the people when they will tell that my system is nadi astrology you will ask that there is no nadi writer involved you are not teaching.

What is the indexing technique of Nadi Astrology?

The indexing technique how to write those batch processes then it can not be called nadi astrology now before i close i want to highlight for the genuine seeker who want to get their horoscope read through the nadi astrologer there is also something called mantra nadi and this mantra nadi is something which use some siddhis, some negative siddhis some low level siddhis some low level power psychic power I would say for predicting so they will be able to tell you past and the present very accurately but those mantra nadi cannot tell you the future precisely they cannot see because they use lower level power which do not have the scientific or divine technique like astrology to see the future.

mantra nadi reader generally nadi reader he will use your thumbprint, he also use palm leaves to areal astrology nadi reader but he use special powers to tell you the past and the present which he can tell very accurately if something is doing that, somebody is telling you that accurately you need to differentiate that it may be mantra nadi reader.

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