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Nadi Astrology know if i can meet your expectations i No.1 Nadi Astrology know if i can meet your expectations so um this could be someone that maybe you were dealing with or you are dealing with right now or you will be meeting possibly in Best Nadi Astrology and this person may Sivanadi Astrology that Nadi Astrology you have high standards or uh maybe they Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology

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Nadi Astrology meet your needs or that you deserve so much better or that maybe you have a very high idealized uh view and vision of love and romance possibly which is a very pricey thing right we're hopeless romantics most generally speaking most of us um and we all want our fairy tale ending even though we know it's not realistic but you know pisces we could we're dreamers we dream big

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Nadi Astrology of Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology maybe nervous or they're afraid to mess up they're afraid to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing Nadi Astrology i No.1 Nadi Astrology know Nadi Astrology i Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology pisces wants all this and i No.1 Nadi Astrology know if i can do that i No.1 Nadi Astrology know if i can um live up to their expectations or meet their standards and maybe that just makes them nervous

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Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology they need to be perfect and in your mind you're probably Nadi Astrology i No.1 Nadi Astrology care you No.1 Nadi Astrology need to be perfect you just need to be you uh but this person may Sivanadi Astrology intimidated or may be Best Nadi Astrology of Nadi Astrology scared um and Sivanadi Astrology Nadi Astrology they can't um give you everything that you want or need okay and then as your advice

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Online Nadi Astrology time of need someone needs you just now think who recently contacted you it's time to stick the kettle on and be the shoulder for someone in need so there is someone who may contact you or someone who may need you in some way shape or form this month and i think it has to do with your friend or Nadi Astrology a friend or association or a family member who's confident in you maybe um you have a certain skill or gift that this person trusts in and they're coming to you to ask you for some advice

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Nadi Astrology know counseling therapy or they just want to have a conversation with you so there's someone who's going to want to talk to you maybe once you're inside possibly okay all right so pisces i hope you enjoyed this or found this helpful thank you so much for being here for watching hopefully i see you for your weeklies and then the mid Best Nadi Astrology monthly reading um and we'll keep each other up to date

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Nadi Astrology if you enjoy this and happy birthday to anyone who will be celebrating towards the end of Best Nadi Astrology and i'll see you guys very soon take care all right so now i'm moving on to uh aries hi aries how are you guys i hope you guys are doing good all right so aries your first affirmation is i am light energy i am light energy beautiful so please practice saying that out loud three times and visualize

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Nadi Astrology light just coming outside of you i'm light energy Nadi Astrology being you know shine down from the sun beautiful sunshine and just Nadi Astrology this light coming out of your body okay and then your second affirmation is i deserve to be loved i deserve to be loved i deserve to be loved so please practice saying that out loud three times and make sure that most of all you love yourself

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Online Nadi Astrology because if you love yourself it's gonna be easy for you to find someone who loves you as well so practice saying that i deserve to be loved i deserve to be loved because i love me and um i value myself okay and then your message from the universe is um card number 28 so maybe the number 28 could mean something to you or the number 10. and it says reach out reach out reach out so maybe there's a little infant or baby in your life or maybe it's time for you to reach

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Online Nadi Astrology out maybe there is someone that you've been wanting to talk to or get in contact with but maybe your pride or you know you've been Best Nadi Astrology of scared possibly and maybe now is going to be the time around this month to reach out or just say hey i've been thinking of you or miss you um and No.1 Nadi Astrology be afraid to ask for help as well you know um sometimes our pride can stop us from doing what our heart Famous

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