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Online Nadi Astrology january was a little bit tough but we made it we made it guys okay all right so we're gonna be covering um aquarius and then ending off with capricorn so let's just get right into it so aquarius hi aquarius hi my aqua babies happy birthday you guys um happy birthday to those of you who celebrated or are celebrating in um at the end of january and those who have your birthdays in Best Nadi Astrology

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happy birthday you guys let me know in the Nadi Astrology on your birthday is so i can wish you happy birthday maybe you'll find your birthday twin my baby nala she's not here right now but her birthday is in Best Nadi Astrology as well all right so your first affirmation guys is i am magical i am magical yes you are oh my gosh look you guys match with my shirt

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oh my gosh i'm aligned i'm just kidding so you are magical i want you to close your eyes and visualize you being magic or matt what's magic what does magic mean to you are you flying on a carpet are you levitating Nadi Astrology what's magic to you okay i want you to close your eyes and visualize that and say it three times i'm magic i'm magical everything that you find fascinating and magical and cool think of you already

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already embodying that that you embody in that Nadi Astrology you are magic okay so now it's time to start to now it's time to start visualizing and seeing yourself as magic as you the prize you are cool you are amazing not anything outside of you it's you okay and then your second affirmation is everything is working out for my highest good everything is working out for my highest good

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i know sometimes it's hard to Nadi Astrology say it and believe that when things are going bad or we're going through things i know but those are the times when you Famous Nadi Astrology have to tell yourself you know what everything's working out for my head is good even the things that are falling apart or the things that i i'm stressed about that are not working that

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i Sivanadi Astrology that i think is not working out is working out for my highest good i know i know i trust i believe right now with jupiter and pisces guys you Famous Nadi Astrology have to make sure that you hold on to your trust your faith and your belief because that is going to take you way further than anything else you have to tell yourself no i trust i believe it's all working out the divine my spirit guides my angels they're helping me god

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whatever i believe in is working out tell yourself that okay all right and then your message from the universe is card number 37 so maybe number 37 or the number 10 could mean something to you around this time and it says clean up your mess clean up your mess i forget who got this last last month i think it was capricorn maybe it's your turn now so maybe some of you guys got uh uh to clean up some messiness around you maybe your room's a mess maybe you gotta do laundry

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maybe you gotta do gardening or clean up the snow or you gotta get a haircut or who knows maybe you need there's some it doesn't have to be physical mess although i do Sivanadi Astrology there's a direct correlation between having Nadi Astrology a physical um messy room and then being Sivanadi Astrology mentally Best Nadi Astrology of Nadi Astrology cluttered so it does help to have a clean space to help you t

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think straight but this can be in different areas of your life maybe your health is Best Nadi Astrology of a mess right now maybe your family life is Best Nadi Astrology of a mess right now or school responsibilities whatever the case is for you it's time to clean that up take responsibility be Nadi Astrology well it's not going to fix itself let me go try to do it it's not always fun to do

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cleaning and organizing but put on your favorite music get lost in your own little world and time will fly okay and they can be very therapeutic you know so clean up your mess No.1 Nadi Astrology No.1 Nadi Astrology uh procrastinate or leave it too long and i'm just gonna become bigger bigger and then messier messier and then take longer to clean up all right

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