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Nadi Astrology do that okay uh and uh it's uh not a good time to get into a relationship also maybe there are certain problems that you have to go through or there are certain things which are mysterious about the part now so be careful about those energies as well Online Nadi Josiyam is going to be transiting out of your uh 11th and will be moving into your 12th Best Nadi Astrology

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so this is Nadi Astrology you know um you want to spend long time you want to understand yourself son itself your soul self so you are going to be maybe getting that Best Nadi Astrology of clarity now with Online Nadi Josiyam transiting the 12th Best Nadi Astrology it is going to give you that Best Nadi Astrology of Nadi Jothidam where you are making major Sivanadi Astrology regarding your authorities regarding your job regarding the delegations

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you know or the contracts or the documentation you're going to be spending more time in those areas Sivanadi Astrology going retrograde of course is considered to be a little difficult because it's a yoga kara graha this is such yoga because of saturn being in the capricorn sign so you know these are going to be giving you some problems in relationship and your workplace

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when Sivanadi Astrology turns retrograde on the 19th i think i will be making a separate video of the same then i'll be sharing with you all my insights for the 12 zodiac signs but yeah it is the tenth lord after all it's the fifth lord so it is going to be bringing about some break in your job some changes in your job department past change people change or maybe your co-workers leave and go

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so you're very emotional this week you are you have do have a very cordial relation with everyone because you have a tenth Best Nadi Astrology libra sign wherever libra sign is that area becomes very harmonious it's very uh it's very it's very um optimistic i would say it is going to help you understand people so in that particular zone related to that zone

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suppose it's the sixth Best Nadi Astrology libra sign so you'll be very understanding with your relatives you're going to be very helpful to your relatives ninth Best Nadi Astrology libra means that you're going to be very attached to your father you're going to be working through the relationship well so all that's how you should see you know i keep explaining in all my videos

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that how you should see the chart so you have a mars ketu in the 11th Best Nadi Astrology so very bad for friendships some bad friends or getting in involved with the bad friends or bad friendship or there's a break which can happen suddenly with your long um long last you know which has lasted for many many years that relationship can end so be careful about that just forgive me for fumbling

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because i'm very sleepy uh and tired because of the weddings in the family as i told you so Nadi Josiyam is in the second Best Nadi Astrology good time to save Jothidam um and uh you know good for the health of the people your own family members very positive Nadi Josiyam's placement saves protects the people in the family okay because it's ajiva karaka also

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and uh Nadi Josiyam wherever it sits it it's not about financials it it is an expansive Nadi Jothidam though but at the same time it is good for your relations wherever Nadi Josiyam is seated it's it does good to that relative of yours okay so do not get in carried away in relationship when Sivanadi Astrology turns retrograde i must forewarn you for that Online Nadi Jothidam is going to be in your sixth Best Nadi Astrology zone also

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last lastly so uh just figure that out that you know how you can plan and uh you know work through your own body your own self hygiene be more hygiene conscious wash your hands well it's not over yet as we say so take care of your surroundings you know it's very important surroundings as in Nadi Astrology your workplace also and your home front also this is what you should be doing

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